squeaky wheel here again, and on front page of the sky-hi daily news, were two articles that confused me, in the spot usually reserved for ‘good neighbor’ the header was ‘GENEROUS GRAND COUNTY’, next to that in big black letters was the header ‘GRAND FORECLOSURE RATE INCREASES OVER 2011’. the second article is common knowledge,Grand County, Co. businesses are failing and people are being foreclosed on and losing their stuff, but the one about the fundraiser from a Summit County Co. non profit organization, kind of confused me, so i made some calls after looking some stuff up in the web and i am still confused. Grand County, Co, is one of the poorest counties up here, but a distant Colorado county wants to do fundraising here? having a silent auction in a grocery store parking lot, and the stuff they auctioned was donated by local businesses, not even stuff from Summit County, yet they are getting all the kudos? i had no idea who the F.O.B. was, so i looked them up on the web and the mission statement was to help military personnel in their transition to becoming Productive Veterans. that sounds good- then i read on and their catchphrase is ‘WE LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND’. the F.O.B. stands for Fore ward Operating Base, a military base where people are deployed to dangerous posts, and the F.O.B. is the safe haven they return to. the site listed their goals as being to ‘RAISE AWARENESS’ of the veteran issue of not getting treatment in a timely manner through V.A. hospital and Department of Defense and that they are fighting to get treatment services and military benefits they and their families deserve. once again in big letters, they use the Marines’ statement THAT THEY LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND. they claim to be a support system for returning military personnel and to expose them to alternative possibilities for nurturing and guidance.nurturing and guidance??? didn’t these military personnel get that in boot camp? Foreward Operating Base of Summit County, Co. has a Board of Members that are undergoing training to help Post traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury with SUICIDE PREVENTION ??? and that they enlist the services of licensed Massage Therapists and Holistic Medicine Specialists to introduce soldiers to Alternative Healing and support systems. so their main deal is Suicide Prevention Counseling and Massage therapy? i thought they were trying to help military personnel re-integrate into society and jobs and were “RAISING AWARENESS” on the time it takes to get help from the V.A. Hospital and Department of Defense. As i read on, i found they really just send a select few veterans and their families on vacations, to Rockies Ballgames and hunting and ice fishing trips and ski and snowboarding trips at Copper Mountain and even Whitewater Rafting adventures and even A.T.V riding and long board paddling trips, and then pay for them to get Massages. this is misrepresenting their cause, paying for a vacation or a Massage does not help the V.A. Hospital or Department of Defense get you MEDICAL help any quicker. and if they want to continue to CALL THEIR ORGANIZATION THE Summit County, Co. F.O.B.- they should stick to getting contributions IN Summit County, Co.- or change their name to Colorado F.O.B. and maybe they should do their fundraising somewhere people are not heading to to buy their food,with food stamps. maybe at a library of fire station so people are not guilt tripped into giving -just because it claims to be for the military… my husband was a Marine, where are MY Ballgame tickets, ski passes and and MY Massage? should be called Summit AND Grand County, Co. F.O.B. the squeaking is getting not only louder, but closer to home. one other thing, they are going a little overboard in the terms of how many times they ask for contributions,in fact- as much as they ask for them,maybe they should change their name to ASKING FOR CONTRIBUTIONS’ hahahahahahaha