one of those days when it hurt to breathe,one of those days when i did not get out of bed until time to do my rehab,and i had to set an alarm for that- one of those days where you say to yourself, tomorrows’ gotta be better, cause it can’t get much worse, one of those days when you can hear how depressed i am in my voice, one of those days when i look like i been beat with a stick, but you still get up and do the rehab, cause if you don’t, it will never get better… and i really do feel like a beating with a stick probably wouldn’t make much difference, one of THOSE days… and when i get to the pool, the lap pool is full of little kids and i gotta wait about a half hour for them to finish, so i go soak my feet listlessly in the hot tub and wait, and while i was waiting, a pretty child comes up to me and shakes my hand and says “hi, my name is May!”, and a little smile kinda peeks through, and she brightly says to me,”Do you have allergies? my mommy has allergies,she uses the same kind of inhaler you do” then she says “I have a cold!” and i think to myself,about the handshake- how friggin Ironic- but before i can ponder this further, she pipes up again,and says “I forgot- i don’t have a cold- mommy said i have the Flu…” hopefully nobody saw me start to cry,it’s a pool after all. please God, let tomorrow be just a little better.