I’ll try anything once ~ anyone that knows me, knows that I am the one who will try anything once~just so i can say “been there, done that”…well, I did one on saturday,november 24th,2012 that folks are gonna be laughing about for a while-me included!~anyhoo, i do my rehab in the pool every evening, and i walk by the gym-it’s got a trampoline and i been watching kids doing flips on it for a while now, but that isn’t what caught my eye, as i am a big gal and i know my ankles simply could not take jumping on a trampoline, BUT next to the trampoline there is this huge pit full of sky blue soft foam rubber cubes…it’s got a cargo net and some ropes so you can climb out, and kids are jumping into it from the second story walkway and scrambling out, one after another and laughing like crazy, and i was intrigued to the point that one day i just had to ask the lady inside what it was like and ask if i would hurt myself if i jumped in, and she told , “NO,me it’s real soft” so i go over and grab one of the cubes, and it IS real soft, now i just gotta try it! at that point, i couldn’t have stopped myself, even if i had wanted to. so everyone is made aware that i am gonna jump in, and everyone stops jumping in, so i can do this without landing on anyone, i take off my oxygen and glasses and set my stuff down, walk over to the pit in my big pink dress and basically do a cannonball into this pit full of foam rubber cubes, and sink straight to the bottom! i didn’t think about technique, i did the cannonball so i wouldn’t land on a limb wrong, but that was my big mistake-just like in the pool, doing the cannonball took me straight down to the bottom,and i got about 2 feet of cubes over my head,and everyone is watching me,as i thrash about in the cubes, trying to flip over and get my feet under me,so i could reach for the cargo net less than 2 feet away, but the cubes have compressed from my weight and form a sort of suction, and no matter how hard i try~i cannot reach the cargo net or edge of pit and come to the realization that i am stuck! by this time i have been thrown a rope, and though there were a number of young men pulling they cannot extract me from the pit! everyone is watching intently, and i am handed my oxygen as the thrashing around in the cubes has me quite out of breath! just trying to get faced the right direction is wearing me out and the thought crosses my mind that the fire department just may have to be called… two people jump into the pit with me and start throwing the cubes off of me, as i am literally buried in them and i can’t even see, much less climb out…Finally the 2 who jumped in manage to wedge some skateboard sized pieces of firm rubber under my feet and knees,and then put another mat down so i can lay across it , and with the help of some more men pulling on the rope i finally manage to make it the 2 feet to the cargo net and haul myself out of the pit, laughing maniacally!~everyone is laughing, most likely from relief, as it took a good 15 minutes to get me to unburied and to the edge- as i am exiting the building, a man with red hair and beautiful bushy orange beard asks me if it was fun? and i just couldn’t help it, i yelled out “F#&K YEAH! IT MADE MY DAY!” and i laughed all the way to the car! after thinking more about the situation, i realized i had jumped the wrong way, had i stretched out like a skydiver,i would have stayed on the surface and not been buried in the cubes. i am no longer intrugued by the pit, i now know EXACTLY how it feels, and EXACTLY what i did wrong. i won’t let it beat me, though. as soon as i get down to 200 pounds, i am gonna try jumping ON the pit instead of IN it, i now have a challenge!!! i will get down under 200 from the 250+ i currently weigh,and Conquer the Pit! and i am gonna make sure it is being caught on video! there’s a saying-sometimes it is better to observe the spectacle than to be the spectacle~and that may be true most of the time, but not only did i try something new-i made everybody laugh and gave them a funny story to share-can you say that? well, I CAN !!! the red haired man with the beautiful orange beard saw me in the grocery store the other day and asked if he could take my picture, of course you can! i was so happy i had left someone such a funny memory that they wanted a picture of me !!! all i gotta say is that if you can’t get a laugh out of a fat chick getting stuck in a pit full of foam rubber cubes, you got something wrong with you…i don’t care who saw it, that was friggin’ funny!!! i’m karin wrape of fraser colorado ~ i do amazing things, i’ll try ANYTHING ONCE and i am Unforgettable!!! after i am dead, when people think of me-and you can bet they will- i want folks to smile!, i want to leave everyone smiling when they think of me, can you think of a better legacy, well, I CAN”T!!!