i have been watching the the u.s. senate and they have some real problems dealing with illegal immigrants.  i heard that police who pull over illegals with no documentation or drivers’ licenses have been instructed to just release these illegals because there is no one to pick them up and deport them. i could hardly beleive my ears!  just release illegal immigrants?   i think i have a solution that would be workable~anyone with no documentation or drivers license, have the military take control of these illegal persons and give them the choice to  serve one full year in the military or to leave this country PERMANENTLY~AND IF THEY CHOOSE TO LEAVE AND ARE CAUGHT IN THE UNITED STATES AGAIN IN AN ILLEGAL MANNER~SEND THEM STRAIGHT TO PRISON FOR ONE YEAR HARD LABOR!!!   THE MILITARY SHOULD BE INVOLVED IN ENFORCING ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, IN FACT, THEY SHOULD BE IN CHARGE OF IMMIGRATION.  are they not supposed to be protecting our borders?   deciding who is or is not allowed to immigrate should fall on the shoulders of those who are supposed to be the protectors of our country.   we are having big problems with illegals who were raised and schooled here wanting to go to college here~they too should be offered a choice as well, serve one full year in the military, and during that time get their citizenship paperwork done, and start paying taxes, and after serving in the military and becoming a citizen~then they can go to college here. and if they do not want to serve in the military, they should be deported immediately and be made to go through the proper channels to regain entry to the united states, and if caught again entering illegally, they be sentenced to one full year hard labor, raising the penalty for being in the united states illegally with every new violation, allowing the money generated by the hard labor, to pay for the cost of inprisonment.    only by knowing exactly who is in our country, can we enforce tax laws and correctly give public assistance to only legal united states citizens. until we get that under control, we will have theft of public assistance programs, by people who are not even supposed to be here, and working here without paying taxes, and sending those untaxed income dollars out mof the country, effectively devaluating the currency of america.   dollars that are earned in the united states being sent by western union to families in mexico and other countries, need to be regulated and our money kept HERE, and SPENT HERE where it was earned, otherwise we are literally supporting citizens in other countries with our money!  if you are going to live and work here, you should be spending money earned here!  as long as illegal immigrants earn money that is not being taxed, and then sending it out of the united states via western union, we can never ensure the value of the american dollar.