YEP, THERE’S A BOUNTY ON OUR PEOPLE IN OTHER COUNTRIES…i here in fraser colorado where i live, us locals have always joked that  if it was tourist season, why couldn’t ya shoot ’em? and it was funny,well now you can, aqnd get paid…  now american citizens are considered targets for any nut that wants to get rich, dead or famous by kidnapping or killing  any U.S. citizen, whether they are an ambassedor, tourist or with the news.  any U.S. citizen you deliver is a payday!  i hate to tell you folks this, but i am actually happy this is happening. now before you start callling me names, just stop and ask if you really didn’t see this coming?  the peoples in that whole continent we have been involving ourselves in because WE want to take over the uneducated areas, to teach them democracy, in other words, our way of governing things.  those blasted lands have been that way a long time, as the people that inhabit them have been in a state of war for hundreds of years doing horrible things back and forth, killing each other and every one else they see, in the name of some strange religion, we really don’t understand.  they got Militias and Zealots over there, there are tunnels caves and landmines everywhere. these are  people, in filthy overpopulated cities or in the deserts or hills of these third world countries, a whole lot of them live without water and electricity, most of these people are impoverished -there are no flu vaccines, nice schools, and health programs, in most of these places they are either over populated or under developed, there is horrible air pollution in places- there are sweatshops and human trafficking and drugs and cartels  and extremists, lots of all. we launder our money there~ these places have histories of torture and mass cleansing, by both man and plague, nasty places we have no business being, war torn areas, where we use ,moral high ground to interfere in places that have been in constant war for some reason or another for hundreds of years, places where people were crucified, impaled, heads cut off , poisoned, blown up, tortured, burned at the stake, hands cut off as punishment, this manner of killing is acceptable, even relished as some of the conflicts involve revenge, and the more public and cruel the punishment~the better!   i have seen this coming and have thought much on the amount of atrocities it is going to take before we completely withdraw from all these areas, and i have come up with a number of atrocities need commited on unites states citizens and military before we close our borders and recall all of our people, on threat of certian death in any number of horrific ways. my number is 15.  i figure after 15 american citizens have been killed in some foriegn country, by terrorists on in some public display by some group or another, that is when we will stop leaving  our continent and try using our moral responsibility when we hear of civil rights violations elsewhere  involving  ourselves in the affairs of some resource rich third world country, as an excuse to justify our involvement so that we can influence our interests there, you can bet someone from here is making a lot of money in these places, and we need to get the fuck away from these places and let them continue to fight amongst themselves, so that we are not their victims as well. these people don’t UNDERSTAND government, we help them start one and leave and it falls apart, they simp,ly aren’t smart enough yet.  they still do public executions and put heads on poles to intimidate invaders, they regularly rape  and plunder each other and we have no business going somewhere human rights are not acknowleged, whatever is over there that we are profiting from simply is not worth the lives of americans. only reason we are there is cause we are profiting in some way, just no one is saying it, hell we are even selling them weapons!  so i sure hope these 15 public executions hurry up and get done with so that we withdraw our business  and military, all our people, in  every way and let them wither from no help from us to stop them fighting  and killing each other, hopefully 15 deaths will be enough for us to finally extricate ourselves from these places where we are targeted simply because of our citizenship. we must stop all trade with these peoples, until they are smart enough to value human rights.only by banning all interaction with these people will we have any measure of safety from them. we need to close our borders and remove all those here illegally, and become self suffient. next time you think of a vacation, ask yourself, how much are YOU worth???