WOW, you guys just lost your gun rights.  because of the actions of a few screwed up indiviuals, somehow the focus was put on the weapon the people used, instead of the persons who did the killing!   i myself am the victim of a man with a brain injury. this man attacked me in my home after he had a seizure, and he was the one taken by the ambulance! the cops were so concerned for the rights of the man that attacked a disabled woman after having a seizure -that they failed to charge him for the assault, and he basically got away with that, he however, has continued to harass me, and is still being brought to court for violations of protection orders and probation almost 3 years later.  i believe i would rather been shot by the man that attacked me, rather than repeatedly being punched by him, over and over, until he was distracted, which is what really happened.  instead of the man getting some help, he ends up going to jail for a couple months and getting some light probation. he was angry when he got out of jail the first time and the first thing he did was come looking for me! i am facing the same situation again as he is still going to court over further violations commited after the first protection order  violation conviction!   the whole thing with me being attacked and repeatedly harassed by this violent man with a brain injury has been handled rather badly, to get to this point, almost 3 years after the initial beating from this man, has been a constant disregard for MY rights, by allowing this harassment to continue over and over and due to the police not wanting to deal with this violent person or violate HIS rights or be liable for him or something he may do in jail- due to his rights, i had to deal with violent harassment for an extended period.  had the guy shot me- i am sure the case would have been looked at more closely- but i was not shot- i was thrown to the ground by this man who then started breaking my things over my furnature then came over to me and started punching me as hard as he could, over and over until he was distracted and went outside.  why would someone  shooting a person get more attention than a disabled woman being beaten by the fists of some nut who had a seizure?  i only wish i had been shot, but i still have to see him in court for ever more violations, and worry about some angry man getting out of jail and coming at me again. so much for MY rights, i will be looking over my shoulder in fear of yet another attack by this angry man! he is still not getting any help and this nut will flip out sooner or later on me or someone else. i can truthfully say even though it sounds sick- that i hope he does shoot them so that his violence will finally be addressed, otherwise he may get away with whatever he does to the next folks-like he did with me and with the other people he harassed and beat before me…i guess justice is only an option if a gun is used…  why you would choose to focus on the weapons used to hurt people rather than focus on the offenders makes me wonder what you really care about. people die every day due to alcohol-yet you can get it most anywhere, people are killed by drunk drivers-yet you can drive to a liquor store., you don’t punish neither the cars nor the liquor stores, why would you focus on the type of weapon a killer uses?  straight up-you do not take the rights away from others who have guns or limit the guns in any way due to the horrific acts of  sick individuals. we have crimes committed every day, by the criminal elements in our society, there will always be those out there that seek to commit murder and other crimes, that is the situation that needs being addressed, communities used to protect their own, but now people do not interact as they used to, there are gangs and lots of drugs-whole different bunch of people, the people who are really dangerous, killers, car theives, those that rob and steal, nuts, drug users and drunks!   these people will fight and kill whether there are any gun or not.   the really bad folks are not getting identified until it is too late.and the rights of the criminals seem to be more important than those of victims  and weapons are being focused on.  people get shot by some nut you got national coverage, but some nut beating a disabled woman with his fists is not even considered a crime because the guy did the beating after a seizure???  you can’t blame a gun on the actions of the criminal, or can you? guns do not kill unless a person uses them, be sure you know what you are incriminating before you start descriminating GUNS ARE OBJECTS, PEOPLE ARE KILLERS YOU DO NOT PUNISH AN OBJECT A KILLER USES,YOU PUNISH THE KILLERS!!!