HAHAHA,my sadistic laugh can be heard long before you ever see me…why so offended by seeing  a woman wearing in a bathing suit? i have recently been told by a nurse at the granby,co. hospital that me, in my swimsuit, was offensive and she didn’t like having to look at me in it, and i was asked to wear a dress to the clinic…REALLY??? who are you to tell me what to wear, other than shoes-which i was not wearing, which is what she should have been bitching about.  i was in granby and i was wearing my bathing suit, as usual and a policeman came and I.D.’d me and gave me a couple tests to see if i was messed up on something on march 2nd 2013…let me stop right here and tell you i live in a ski area and it was probably 30 degrees outside, there is snow on the ground in places and i am barefoot, in a bathing suit , have 1 glove on and i am carrying a purse,an oxygen tank and a bullwhip…i can see that would be kind of unusual to some, but i am not cold, or i would put more clothing on, i wear a glove on the hand that hangs out the car window, and the bullwhip is to protect myself from the mental man that beat on me and  who won’t obey the protection orders from the judge…  i have always been kinda sweaty, i know it don’t sound good- ain’t fun neither.  i am just one of those people that naturally generate a lot of heat, that’s why i live up here, i cannot stand the heat of denver, i LOVE the snow, my body’s best performance levels at my swimming rehab are when the temperature is between 13 to 23 degrees. i am accustomed to altitude temps and wear my swimsuit pretty much all the time and was one of those kids that slept in a swimsuit.      i will go to all the hassle to explain why i am in a swimsuit for all the lame people complaining about me wearing it, and if they don’t like it still, screw em.  i am proud of my body, there is nothing showing that is illegal or in poor taste, i will wear it if i want.  i am recovering from an assault by mentally disabled man, the assault caused me to become bedridden and i went from being large to obese, as i could barely walk after the assault.  i was at 288 when i got a wake up call from 2 doctors, insisting i lose the weight, so even though i am on oxygen and have a couple of serious health issues, i began a program to lose the weight, and since walking is extremely painful, i did rehab in the pool, my hands and feet would swell and make every step hell and the pool was the only safe way for me to excersize – so i learned to swim again, and go to the pool every single day and that is why i am in  a swimsuit to begin with, then there is an issue of time and clothing, both of which i will explain for you- the laundry downstairs is managed really badly, the people take the out of order signs off the machines that don’t work, and i have to reduce the amount of laundry to get ripped off a bit less.  i go everywhere either in a nightgown, my big pink dress or this swimsuit, i don’t see the sense to do my treadmill in clothing that absorbs sweat, or that doesn’t provide support up top, so i do my treadmill in my swimsuit, i do my treadmill twice a day, before noon and around 3-4pm, if i was going to change into my swimsuit to do my treadmill then change to go to the post office, store or where ever-i would be changing clothes all damn day and i just ain’t doing it, i regularly go to the post office in nightgown and slippers in the snow and rain and even helped a dude change a tire in the rain on my birthday across from the post office in my nightgown once- i do not understand why me wearing a swimsuit shocks anyone who knows me…i bought two of the same kind, this is the smaller one, i have lost 74 pounds since july last year, i no longer consider myself fat. i got stuck in the cube pit on november 24th 2012, i weighed 258.8 pounds then, i said i would try the cube pit when i got down to 200 pounds and i am only 14.8 pounds from that and it’s march 8th 2013, i should be trying the pit in a month or so, as my weight loss history would indicate, the reason i have lost all this weight without getting all stretchmarked or flappy skinned is because i basically excercise from the moment i wake up, and i have set routines that are carefully monitored because of airway blockages and other problems, i literally know my 02 levels and heartrate down to the second as i do these things on gauges and monitors of different kinds to check accuracy of heartrate and oxygen levels, i am very aware of my body and when it hurts, gets hot,  gets cold or anything else health related, i know it right away.    i have recovered from the brutal assault from the nut and my walking looks less like a chicken every day, distance is the issue and now i have found out i have R.A. on top of all of it, my doctor told me the day i was coming in — because of gout type joint pains that were worse than usual levels. i have lost this weight to recover from an assault i never should have had to deal with- a failure in communities lets violent mental criminals slip through the cracks and commit all nature of harm upon people, cause police don’t know how to nor want to deal  with these persons.  the guy basically got away with beating on a disabled woman, sure it has affected me mentally, i lost my strut, not being able to walk is one thing-but being able to walk is not WHY i strut, that is from pride of accomplishing amazing things. the quality of ones’ convictions determines sucess at whatever you do – i am one of severely strong will, and my lifechanges have had commitment rarely seen these days, i have beat every single thing hurting my health that others seem to have problems with, recovering from abuse- drinking -cigarettes-drugs-obesity- i have overcome all of that with my strength of will and hard work every single damn day, taking my life back from all these things that had me and i am learning stuff every day, including my rights, and i will be damned if anyone is going to tell me what i can and cannot wear!   i made a complaint about the nurse to the grand county rural health, and it sounds like i am not the only one getting attitude from people at our new hospital. my doctor even suggested i shave my legs!      can you imagine ME shaving my legs? really??? that has as much of a chance of happening as me wearing make-up… all i got to say to you whining jealous people complaining about me wearing my swimsuit, GET USED TO IT-YOU ARE GOING TO BE SEEING A WHOLE LOT MORE OF IT AND A LOT LESS OF ME, BECAUSE OF IT!    UNTIL I AM GIVEN A TICKET FOR FOR WEARING SOMETHING INDECENT, YOU WILL BE SEEING IT PRETTY MUCH EVERY SINGLE DAY AND IF YOU DARE TRY TO CENSOR MY CLOTHING WITHOUT A VALID INDECENCY COMPLAINT, I WILL PUT A VIDEO ABOUT YOUR COMPLAINTS ON UTUBE AND LET THE MEDIAS TEAR YOU A NEW ONE…THERE’S A REASON PEOPLE ASK TO TAKE MY PICTURE WHEN I AM AT THE STORE, I AM BEAUTIFUL!  I HOLD MY HEAD UP HIGH AND STRUT EVERYWHERE I GO !    I PROUDLY PRESENT WHEN ASKED FOR PICTURES…YOU PEOPLE CAN TALK ABOUT ME ALL YOU WANT~I ENCOURAGE IT…I AM A REMARKABLE PERSON AND i  SHOULD BE TALKED ABOUT!    I DO AMAZING THINGS AND NOT ONLY WILL I BE SEEN, I WILL BE HEARD AS WELL!     JUST WAIT, I MIGHT BE SHOPPING FOR A 2 PEICE SOON-MAYBE THEN YOU CAN COMPLAIN…HAHAHAHAhahahaha i’m sexy and i know it-look at that body!