TODAY IS A VERY TROUBLING DAY FOR ME, AS IT IS THE DATE OF THE ASSAULT ON ME IN 2011 BY A MENTALLY DISABLED NEIGHBOR. I AM STILL BEING VICTIMIZED BY JAMES ENGST, AS THE ONLY ROUTE LEFT FOR THIS VIOLENT, MALINGERING CRIMINAL TO PUT OFF THE COURT WAS TO REQUEST A JURY TRIAL  FOR PROTECTION ORDER VIOLATION CONVICTION #2.   he has done everything he can to avoid facing the judge, including beating his head bloody on a courtroom table and inducing  a seizure to stop court for that day to standing up and yelling obscenities until removed from the courtroom.  every time this guy does something wrong he claims to either “NOT REMEMBER” or “THAT HE HAD A SEIZURE” or just plain LIES to the police about what ever he has done or he will get very aggressive, and have to be taken in for “OBSERVATION”  which effectively changes focus from his crimes to his health issues, after he has been given a valium and calms down, he just gets released by the ems and charges are not ever filed.  I know the day is in my mind forever and will affect every single thing about me for the rest of my life.  if it has this much of an effect on me, I can only imagine what is going through the mind of the nut that beat on me… I think of things that would scare the hell out of most people, as I have lived a very hard life – not much out there that scares me or shocks me really, cops do not intimidate me, and mentally, I am an extremely strong willed person, but James Engst, the man that assaulted me in  my own apartment and pretty much got away with it cause the cops would not let me press any charges on the guy- this dude SCARES THE HELL OUT OF ME!!!  I have been helping the guy for years in a number of ways, including rides to doctor appointments, to the store or food bank and even given him my food or money to get himself some and have even paid  for his meds a few times, I was attacked by him once while driving him to boulder for a doctors appointment, and had to pull the car off the road to get him to quit punching me!   that was the day I rented the apartment right next to his in Fraser, Colorado, over the laundry, a place I had wanted to live in for years…. I knew he was violent, but thought I could handle living next to him better than someone who didn’t know about his mental issues-but I was wrong, this dude was a nightmare to live next to as he hears and sees things the rest of us don’t, does some very strange things like filing reports that I had entered his apartment and poisoned his food! he also claimed to the manager that I was beating on the walls day and night and trying to get me evicted, and had been arrested on two separate occasions for trying to get into my apartment.   even though I had a pile of protection orders from the judge, he refused  to leave me alone, and harassed or violated me on a regular basis until after the protection order violation conviction in November 2011 until made to move by the court after his release from a 60 day jail sentence.  after he moved, he came at me while I was parking my car and got between me and my apartment, and instead of using the crosswalk he was standing at to cross the street- he came right at me, and I threw my purse and oxygen and ran from him and called 911 with my cell phone.  he heard me talking with the 911 operator and walked away as the cop drove up and though the officer definitely saw the guy slinking away down the sidewalk, the  man managed to elude 2 officers, in 2 separate vehicles, while on foot in a small town called Fraser, that only has 910 year round residents.    I found out that  the officers never bothered to contact the guy about the January 13th 2012 incident and went to the county seat and got a civil protection order, as instructed by Judge McLelland, though I had no idea how this could protect me from a man that had ignored  protection orders issued by a judge and the rules of his probation.  we had to get a new D.A. in grand county to get this matter looked into as the old D.A. did not want to prosecute the guy due to her personal bias against me.  I also found that he had been  released from probation that he was supposed to be on until 2016, with a pending case for  yet another protection order violation and had to point it out to the new D.A. that he had violated his probation  as well and informed that he was released off probation while still approaching me!    I could not believe they just let him off supervised probation that was supposed to last until 2016 in February 2012- just 2 months after his release from the 60 day jail sentence he got for the protection order violation conviction in November 2011 !!!   this guy has done every single thing he can think of to keep these court proceeding  getting continued and finally his only option left to avoid the judge sentencing him is to drag me through all the hassle of a jury trial, for a crime he has already admitted to doing in a police report, so as the day progresses, so does my apprehension as to what this guy is going to think of to keep the rapidly approaching court date from happening, and to tell you the truth, I am convinced this guy is going to try and hurt me to keep me from being able to testify against him, I can easily imagine him thinking that eliminating me will end the whole court problem, and to tell you the truth, I can easily imagine him cutting my brake lines on my car or setting the building on fire while i’m asleep inside, or he may have gotten ahold of a gun or made some home made explosive device, or even crawled in my back window and put antifreeze in my juice in the fridge!  I am sure he has extreme revenge fantasies and has been fixated on me for quite some time, but we are talking about a person that lies to the police regularly, fakes seizures or just claims that whatever caused the police to be called is because of a seizure, MALINGERING intentionally to avoid prosecution, including becoming violent, to change focus from his crimes, to his medical issues, and whose main excuse for all his violent behaviors is he “don’t remember”.  there are YEARS of documented police involvement due to his violent behavior with any neighbors, and I was even asked by the manager of these apartments, Michael Shurer, to move one unit over so he could retain the violent man as a tenant, and I actually got sick from doing 16 hours of cleaning, trying to keep the peace, and was told to stop trying to clean the apartment by my nurse and was never paid for one minute of the work or for any of the cleaning supplies, by the manager here- but was threatened with eviction- cause of Engst lying to the manager in an effort to get me evicted instead of himself for the extensive police contact.  the manager straight up discriminated against me, asking ME to move, when I was the one being attacked and harassed by the mental neighbor.  the guy should have been evicted after he assaulted me, but was allowed to remain in the apartment next to me, even after getting arrested for trying to get into my apartment  two different times!  I plan on filing discrimination charges with section 8 against manager next, and for a number of reasons, unrelated to the mentally disabled man beating me and continuing to harassing me.   I can tell you honestly that the guy that assaulted me is completely insane and thinks that his “I don’t remember” defense is going to get him out of the trouble he is fixing to face in court, and that he is an extremely scary person to have to worry about being attacked by, and his mental states are so off the hook, I can easily imagine he might become depressed and harm himself even to avoid the upcoming day in court.  I have asked that a health check be done, like I asked for the anger assessment be ordered by judge, but like with my request for an anger assessment, I imagine no one cares to check on the mental state of my stalker, my request will be ignored and no one will check on the mental state of this person.   I will be keeping hammers near me at all times and have my Taser with me whenever I step outside my door, and I can only pray he has not gotten ahold of a gun yet…damn, I wish I had been shot dead rather than have to gone through the last 2 years of apathy from the police and court system and denied any justice for the beating I got from the second man to attack me here in Fraser, Colorado and not even viewed as a victim cause of the neglect of the police to protect me from a criminal the COPS  don’t even want to deal with. I placed a neglect of duty charge against one of the officers up here, and some lame investigation done with the usual results of the officer not being held accountable for his total disregard for my safety from attack by my assailant, and I am sure all this will come out like pus from a wound, when the court finally looks into the probation cutting the guy lose while he is still committing crimes against me, or the ethics of the old D.A. and their reluctance to prosecute mentally disabled men who beat on disabled women and constantly harass them and violate protection order after protection order, and the unwillingness of the police to protect me from this guy- it will all come out, provided I am still around to make it to the court hearing in july 2013, all I have ever done was try and help the guy and this is how my kindness is returned – violated not only by my attacker, but by my local police and justice system here in grand county as well.   until I am actually in court I will be living in fear of what this nut is going to do to me or himself to avoid that day in court, who knows, maybe this nut will get his memory back and not perjure himself in the court again, but  I doubt that will be the case…of all the things that may happen between today, the anniversary of the beating that caused so much pain and so many life changing injuries, so much  frustration and fear and anger at the lack of support or concern for me by any of the people involved with this ongoing nightmare, the truth of the matter Is that justice delayed, is justice denied, and the violence and crimes committed by the mentally ill are an embarrassment  to us all, and until we decide to deal with these violent mentally ill criminals, we are all potentially future victims of these people who use their disability as a shield to avoid the penalties for the crimes they commit. I have never tried to recover costs for the hell this man has put me through, I only wanted to protect my community from this violent man- but there seems to be no way to get this man help or to to deal with the crimes he keeps committing  upon me.  there is a difference between crime and violent crime, and enhanced penalties for those who would harm at risk adults. the REAL crime is the inability of our police and courts  to  deal with mentally disabled criminals and be more concerned about their liability when dealing with them and not violating the rights of the criminal-  at the expense of the rights to life, liberty and any pursuit of happiness of their victims!     wow, I care about a community that could care less if I continue to be victimized by a violent disabled man the cops do not want to deal with? the REAL crime is that I have to live in fear of someone the courts don’t know how to punish, nor seem to want to prosecute, I try to protect my community and in return I am shunned and denied even being viewed as a victim, if you are not having sex with the man that beats you, the advocates  deny you help as well, I am a victim of a broken justice system and of a violent crime and ongoing harassment by a mentally disabled man. and if you think this shit is funny- imagine something of this nature happening to YOU or YOUR DAUGHTER, OR GRAND DAUGHTER… not so damn funny now, is it??? happy anniversary!, Karin  wrape, fraser colorado