GOD IT’S GOOD TO BE BACK IN THE LAND OF THE LIVING…recently i lost a month of my life and had to be given 3 different antibiotics to bring me back from the edge of pneumonia after contact with one of the Safeway pharmacy staff who was ill on 4-3-13.   it was the only place i had human contact, as i live alone and very seldom have visitors, so i know for a fact that Safeway was where i picked up the virus that put me down.  i had done my 10 minutes morning treadmill at a dead trot of 4.2 miles an hour, and then went to pick up a prescription at my local Safeway and the gal at the register, bless her heart, was ill,with an extremely hoarse voice, and within a couple hours i was sick myself-too sick in fact to even do my afternoon 15 minutes on my treadmill, and by the next morning was so sick, that i sent my doctor a video explaining my symptoms and she called in a prescription for a zip pack of antibiotics and some steroids, as i was too sick to drive my car to my doctors’ office, and did not want to give anyone whatever virus i had just picked up…i did not go into the store either – an employee brought it out to my car and i handed her a medicine jar with money for the scrip, in a bottle of alcohol and put that inside a baggie i had disinfected and held on a microcloth soaked in alcohol as well, to try and avoid spreading any germs to the person bringing me the medicine.  i did not leave my home for any reason other than a doctor’s appointment, and when i ran out of tampons…i could have made my own jailhouse tampons, but did not feel good enough to even do this, so i got up and did a quick stop at the Alco store…i did not leave my apartment for the whole month other than these two times, did not eat or drink or watch tv, bathe or anything, i was simply struggling to breathe and was absolutely miserable the whole time… i lost 16 pounds in that 30 days, laying in my bed, in a house full of food.   Finally, i began to get better, but i felt horrible,and my mental state was so bad- i felt like i had lost the will to live.    when i went to the doctor again, she said my lungs still sounded rough but that i was not showing any masses in my lungs and Faith, one of the gals at the middle park medical center hematology lab, did not even hear me before see saw me- she remarked at how wrong it was to see me in that condition, as i am known  far and wide for my loud mouth and inappropriate comments, and me not being heard before being seen was definitely remarkable, indeed worth commenting on…  the more i was up, the better i was feeling, the headache from the sunlight was almost at a nausea level and i was actually seen wearing sunglasses, something i rarely wear as i prefer people see my eyes, which are my second best feature, my opinion-that,and i don’t like to wear things that hide my expressions, my eyes show my smile and inner joy that my lips can only reflect a little bit.and no one should be deprived of either of them!  by the time i left the lab, i was joking with Faith a little bit and she actually told me that was much better than silent, sick, quiet Karin…never thought someone would prefer me loud… as i am known to say, you can’t know heaven without having been in hell, so over the couple days it has taken me to get used to sunlight again, and over the headaches it was causing, i have become increasingly happy, literally filled with Joy at being able to live again!  Singing happily and loudly, as i drive to city market to get my blackberries, heads turning from all within earshot, i cannot conceivably be happier to be well enough to visit my beloved pool at the Fraser Valley rec center, and those who know me, saw me come back from the dead thing i felt like while ill, and blossom like a joyful flower at sunrise, exuding happiness like an aura…i really do consider myself to be a succubus, as i have heard my whole life that i suck the life from a room,and that contact with me actually wears people out!   it’s all part of the ride on the bi-polar coaster ride that is MY life, and at least i am on the good end of the succubus stick…anyhoo, when at the store today, while in line, i flirted with 3 very good looking men-yes even the bald guys were worth a look-the really good looking blonde man gave me the gift of a bright red blush from my comments, and his posse were laughing at me messing with him! and to my surprise,  they handed me two store coupons for a total of 5 dollars off my purchase before leaving!   i must be entertaining indeed to elicit this from 3 strangers in a store!  i am sure they will never forget me and i am sure they will all have a laugh at the tall blondes’ expense tonight ~ and that is exactly how i like it !   i want to leave everyone in my wake smiling and wondering what it is inside me that makes me soooo happy.  i am back to taking pictures of the scenery and sunsets, and as for my getting sick from a person working at a store, i actually made a video with my idea to help prevent transmission of germs and viruses at stores with a motion detecting air freshener dispenser, with disinfectant in it- instead of air freshener- to point towards registers -it could help with the germ problem at registers, it could spray the cash drawer, and the money in it and countertop and credit card machine when sensing motion, or on 9-18-or 36 minute intervals automatically!   i have sent this video to Safeway corporate, the pharmacist at Safeway, and he said he would make sure the Safeway company saw it.   i sent it to the news stations in Denver and Walmart corporate even, as i am sure they would be interested in ANYTHING that would cut down on germ and viruses in their stores.   i mention my idea video to everyone i can think of that might  publicize it-  and someone is going to listen to it – if i keep talking about it and sending my idea to all i can think of…eventually, someone will figure out there is a germ transmission problem at cash registers, and start doing SOMETHING to cut down on the problem, whether with my idea or not. i simply want to prevent anyone from going through what i did after catching a bug from a sick store employee,and anything i can think of that could possibly save someone else from suffering will be made as public as i can get it.  so when you see me out there, singing my happy heart out from the joy of being in the land of the living again ,i hope you smile as much as i am, cause you never know how long you have here and every single moment above ground should be celebrated as they are truly a gift from God and the beauty of a sunset is as one of a kind as i am!     you have no idea how much i missed the sunsets while sick, i did not even know how valuable they were to me until i lost the ability to go outside and look at them.   i am truly blessed, and i hope someone special ends up with my eyes when i die,as i plan to donate this flesh to science when i am done with it –so i can still see the sunsets after i am gone from this earth!