I HAVE FINALLY HAD ENOUGH OF YOU PETTY ASS PEOPLE WHINING ABOUT ME… i do not need people at all.   certainly not the ones whining about me lately.  fuck all of you- now you got something to complain about-i told you to fuck yourself, and i am NOT taking it back.  i have some serious mental issues going on right now and i think it best i do not leave my apartment right now, for the safety of a community that don’t really give a damn if i live or die- i  am removing myself from your public. i don’t have any business hanging around anywhere near those who think they are better than me- at least i know when I HAVE HAD ENOUGH, when i might snap then slap the shit out of the next idiot stupid enough to fuck with me right now. red flags on the mental??? at least i am smart enough to stay away from you when i might hurt you.  i ain’t gonna give ANYONE the opportunity to be that last thing that makes me snap- as a community, you are very lucky that i know when to stay away from you.  i don’t give a fuck who you are, at this time i am extremely likely to beat the fuck out of you at the drop of a hat-i am not only sick-i am sick of all of you, go to hell and stay there. i hope you all have a great time talking shit about someone who cares enough about her community to turn her back on it when it is in the best interests of you weak minded fucks. now i see why (retract name) hates all of you…pander to the tourists and the cops with the shitty attitudes, i refuse to kiss your collective asses any longer. sincerely yours, reverend wrape,fucked up fraser, colorado