nothing is as sweet as revenge, and all those who are wondering what set me off this time, it’s all from a call i got from a collection agency looking for andrew wright/william alexander 20 years after he loaded up what he wanted from my home while i was at work and disappeared off planet leaving nothing but lies, debt and of course 20 years of calls from collection agencies looking for him and i found his ass on facebook in oklahoma, he has since removed profile from facebook, but it’s too late… today i talked with army, and we got him! the lady i talked to found his records from info i provided ! talk about a memorial day i will remember for the rest of my life, and i am sure he will too, wonder what the army will do to him over the identity fraud in texas? i contacted his peeps on facebook to ask if they knew about the second identity- they should be warned, if they don’t know already, about the collecting unemployment benefits and tax returns in texas 20 years ago,wouldn’t you want to know about a sergeant  in the army that is guilty of identity fraud and tax fraud in the state of texas 20 years ago? you would think the army would know their people’s past crimes,but sometimes even the army needs some help, and i am more than willing to help! talked with the friend that had co-signed on a loan for him too, as well as social security texas employment and audit department, the army,and O.I.G. as well, and they have started an investigation…, i am currently blocked from facebook , pictures of the fraud committing army sergeant have been removed-but i still have found ways to post stuff, hehehe, you should NEVER piss off sadistic, bi-polar people, we LOVE torturing you and we have WAYS….Imageidentity theft