I AM KARIN WRAPE OF FRASER COLORADO AND I HAVE BEEN HAVING PROBLEMS WITH A HOSTILE MANAGER HERE WHERE I LIVE ABOVE THE FRASER LAUNDRY AND I WILL NOT PUT UP WITH BEING TREATED THIS WAY.   I have always wanted to live in these apartments, because of the location, it has beautiful views for taking pictures, and I used to take a lot of pictures of the sunsets, rainbows and alpenglow, but lately I have withdrawn from the public for a number of reasons, some concerning what I feel is discrimination, but the management here at the apartments above the laundry has finally gone over the boundaries of discrimination by serving me a 3 day notice to move!   I have been accused of violating laws and causing disturbances, vandalism of the laundry equipment during the week of march 11th,2013, disturbing other tenants, harassment of other tenants and of making too much noise during quiet times, between 10pm and 9 am., I KNEW the manager was going to find a way to steal my $700.00 deposit but this is just ridiculous…the fact is my stay at these apartments have been a virtual rollercoaster ride through hell, designed by kafka from day one.   the very day I rented this unit at 318 fraser ave.#3 in fraser,colorado, the guy in the unit next to the one  I rented asked me to drive him to a doctors’ appointment in boulder, which  I did, and during the drive the guy wigged out and began punching me while I was driving, causing me to pull the car over to get him to stop punching me!  the guy has seizures, so I cut him some slack and let the issue go and drove him to boulder and back.  little did I know the day i signed the lease and gave the $700.00 deposit to the manager’s wife,not only was I was signing on to be victimized  but paying for the pain as well… it got bad and quick, the nut next door attacked me in my apartment on 4/16/11 ruining a $22,000.00 spinal fusion surgery and started the legal fight to get some kind of justice for the assault and the continued violation of me and my rights that continues to this day. not only did the guy get away with beating on a disabled woman, he was allowed to remain living next to me in these apartments by the management until the courts gave him a choice on the terms of his probation for protection order violation conviction, he could get on unsupervised probation if he moved away, or he could remain my neighbor and be on supervised probation(after completing his 60 jail sentence). not only was I victimized by my neighbor,i was victimized by the management here, cause the manager did not want to lose a tenant, he was not evicted,and I had to deal with continueing violations by my neighbor, including him getting busted for trespassing TWICE after getting caught LYING TO POLICE ABOUT TRYING TO ENTER MY APARTMENT!!!  I have no clue why the management did not evict him after the assault, much less after getting caught trying to get at me inside my unit again twice,-but I was even asked by the management to move into the unit that was vacated by former tenants immediately after I was assaulted in my apartment! I tried cleaning the filth and used my supplies, cleaning out dog hair and dead mice and beer bottles, spent HOURS trying to make the unit bearable, all of which I documented and took pictures of, but I got sick from the filth and my nurse, Maureen wenger of grand county rural health services advised me to stop cleaning the unit because the filth was making me sick. I never charged the manager anything for the cleaning and lived here in fear of the continuing harassment of the male neighbor next door who I have a 15 foot line of sight protection order against, that the neighbor refused to comply with, court still going on to this day. I also had to deal with eviction  threats by the manager here, Michael shurer, after catching a number of below board things going on concerning him. the big one being when his main employee at his audio and video store,  cut into my satellite dish and installed a splitter on the building and hooked himself up with tv from MY DIRECT TV DISH… I had been paying protection plan fees  AND had two 2year contracts with direct tv ON THAT DISH! not only was I getting screwed out of referral fees for direct tv service, but when I called and asked what was up with the ladder at my second story window,and mentioned the cut into my satellite dish, the manager came into my door then threatened me with eviction if I turned him in!~ he signs people up for direct tv, but does not do any service or installs for direct tv-he just signs you up,m and I did not appreciate being threatened with eviction if I reported the guy, turns out that direct tv could care less if he cuts into the equipment on the building, because he is the current owner!  there were LOTS of other direct tv dishes left on the building he could have used and in fact there were so many direct tv satellite dishes on the building, I had mine mounted between my 2 back windows,because there was no good wood on the roof to mount it on because of all the old direct tv dishes left by former tenants… so lets look at how many ways I am being violated-direct tv lets building owner tap into my dish, ignoring the fact I was threatened with eviction by one of their representatives, then there’s me getting screwed out of referral fees on direct tv,you get 10 bucks off your bill every month and so does the person you refer, that’s a hundred right there-next I cannot change my tv provider, as I would disrupt the service the managers’ employees cut into, cause the new dish would have to go where the current one is. being forced to remain with a service I no longer wanted because others have cut into it, that threat  is extortion, plain and simple and \just more of the shady crap I have had to endure while living here-next issue being the unethical business practices concerning the public laundry on the first floor of this building.  the machines ripped you off pretty much every time you use them and I had taped a number of ‘out of order’ signs on the faulty machines, but the manager removed them without fixing the problems and I would forget which machines had ripped me off, so I put stickers on the broken ones and put the contact info to get your refunds from the manager, which he removed, and I was told by the police it was considered VANDALISM to put out of order stickers on the machines!, I know I lost at least $20.00 worth of quarters on the various machines, but to try and press charges on me for telling people which machines stole your money or did not dry your clothes is just fucking wrong! the manager does ZERO maintenance here at the apartments and at the laundry and the people got so mad at getting ripped off by the laundry they threw trash into machines, over the laundry soap left when machine didn’t work, and someone even threw HUMAN FECES on the walls and I had to complain a whole lot to get the filth cleaned before I ended up in the hospital from not only the shit on the walls of the laundry, but napkins with dogcrap, cigarette butts and beer caps and other filth that was in  in a saltbucket  that had been on the porch for a while…I did not vandalize the laundry, other people who got ripped off did that, I just complained about the shit on the walls and put out of order signs on machines that ripped me off and that is sick and wrong that it got to that point, also I kept smelling gas -I am on oxygen and believe me, I could smell it bad. the cops called the fire department and the laundry was red tagged for gas leaks that were travelling through the subceiling and coming out through a hole in the sheetrock under my sink. once again, not me doing anything to the manager, it was the action of the fire department for gas leaks due to management not doing proper maintenance on this building, there have been many leaks, from different things affecting this property, the excess satellite dishes from former tenants causing roof leaks and fires, other old plumbing issues, including the boiler running full blast year round and just plain rotting of metal pipes and no thermostats, voltage variance issues in the electric , just a whole lot of problems that came with the building which are not my fault.  the rude treatment of the manager here however IS my problem, the stress of constantly being threatened with eviction for every new thing I catch this manger or his employees doing to me is not fair to me at all. I used to love this place, but Michael shurer’s treatment leaves me feeling violated for no good reason whatsoever, I remain indoors now have for a couple months,m and seldom even talk to the neighbors as I am never out where they are, so I cannot be harassing them, I have tried to be kind to all, even offering a rug to help with the filth from the neighbors’ barbeque…and the only thing in here is me and my computers and tv which pretty much is on all the time and has been for years as I fall asleep with it on every single day, it is not near the bedroom wall of the unit next door as my bed is in my living room. if anyone is being noisy it is the neighbors, and certainly not enough to be worthy of eviction for ,m my rent has always been paid well in advance and I even caught the manager not adjusting my monthly rent when cost of living changes occur, just MORE BELOW BOARD MANAGEMENT committed by mr. shurer, things you shouldn’t have to CATCH or complain about and certainly not endure when it comes to other tenants attacking you and continuing to violate you for an extended amount of time- I have been beaten by men  he rented to, had my medications stolen by his tenants, my computers and satellite dish straight up invaded without my permission, costing me more money than hassle, and that is putting it lightly. my whole attitude has been tainted by the lack of respect from tenants, manager, his employees and the police and I am sick to death of being threatened by some punk,i wouldn’t let a dog fuck. and this is all shit that could have been avoided, and it’s mainly over the unethical business practices and greed  of one man. I don’t like the idea of being run out of anywhere, but I was actually going to talk to the local police chief and ask him how badly they wanted me gone, would it worth it to both parties to agree to disagree and help me leave, if I can find a place?  due to the assault from the former tenant, I can’t be moving in and out of apartments, I live on next to nothing as it is and if the manager steals my deposit, how the hell am I supposed to afford moving my cable, phone internet etc. I could see if I really was harassing other tenants, but I stay in here since the computer invasions and the window broken into in the back room, the window with the ladder under it…all this court crap with the former tenant mr. shurer allowed to remain living here after beating me in my apartment is fixing to come to a head, there are subpoenas coming due this month and the last thing I need right now is a hostile manager giving me the added stress of suing  him for discrimination and cheating me out of a $700.00 deposit on the grounds that I have a loud tv and and bring up old crap About his unethical management and the problems that result from a cheap, mean and broke manager with no people skills and bad business practices, and as for harassing his tenants, I would have to be outside to do that and I have basically holed up since the break in and computer security issues…I don’t know what laws I have broken that he is accusing me of but a tv that basically is on all the time is not grounds for eviction in my books-i don’t really think it is legal to harass tenants to the point I have been, with him just walking into my unit and threatening me with eviction for every new rank and below board thing I catch my manager doing…all I can say is I did NOT start this, but you can bet I will be ending it. as far as I am concerned, his accountant doug is claiming to be his agent with a form letter and that in no way, shape or form intimidates me- mr. shurer didn’t even have the balls to sign it, preferring to defer to his  bookkeeper as the hatchet man to try and justify stealing $700 fucking dollars from me… tomorrow is another day, let’s see what I think of next!