ALL I HAD TO TO DO- WAS ASK THE RIGHT QUESTION, AND THAT OLD ADAGE OF NOT SEEING THE FOREST FOR THE TREES WAS A THING OF THE PAST AS I HAVE NOT ONLY SEEN THE FOREST AND THE TREES BUT FOUND OUT A LOT ABOUT NODES,REGISTRY ROOTS, CERTIFICATION PATHS,STREAMS AND EVEN SAW A CLOUD… I really can read this stuff on my pc… I got a few things wrong, I thought the ‘infra’ was short for infrared-a setting on my printer, but it was actually for ‘infraSTRUCTURE’, not infrared.  most of this pc stuff seems fairly easy to understand, it’s a whole bunch of abbreviated services, by 3 different makers, and once you got a primer of what all the codes and abbreviations stand for -you can read the true or false for each question or binary equivalent, a 0 or a 1.  I can even tell the invaders use Linux and have been seeing a cain and abel program and it is specifically for ferretting out passwords…I knew it was what I thought it was- a man in the middle attack, someone intercepting my stuff and either just sending it out after reading it or altering or making it undeliverable by altering it…more rank stuff happening in Fraser, Colorado…-this place is getting just as bad as Denver crimewise.   we have had the digital age forced upon us and along with technology comes those who use it maliciously, and grand county is going to have to deal with this type of criminal activity whether they like it or not.  there is cybercrime being committed by residents right here in Fraser, with malice and forethought, doing criminal invasions on my pc’s and the cops claiming computer stupidity is no longer an option. if we can get notifications about sexual predators in our area, why can’t we get alerts when our computers are invaded, or at least a proper department to file a report for when we find the predators ourselves? I was noticing a ‘?’ between me and the router at the apartments here where I live- the network  ‘troutfishing in america’  kept showing this ‘?’ and I was noticing an anonymous user logging in and out every damn day,  now they are making new users and even giving themselves a password!   remote access  by  ‘troutfishing in America’ network user with administrator password protected router access… the only thing ever connecting to me was the ‘troutfishing in America’  network owned by Michael shurer.  I’m sure I will zero in on the exact machine used to access my pc’s very soon, as I am looking up error codes and seeing peer mac addresses and the ‘unknown owner’ with the device with all my ‘missing files’ will be zeroed in on like I was a sniper! i unfortunately am still the ‘target’ and this must end as being victimized in grand county over and over is getting kind of old. and never, ever doubt my ability to find shit out. I am not insane, nor am I stupid, i’m fucking motivated~BIG DIFFERENCE! I am simply uneducated at the moment and that moment is passing along with my faith in humanity AND I am learning a tough lesson about pc security, but it is a one i CAUGHT!!! I did notice it and it cannot be undone, my machines have been intentionally compromised along with my sense of security, which was already killed by the two men that have assaulted me and the unethical, biased and just plain lazy behavior of those in charge of protecting us, or at least in charge of punishment after we have been harmed…now that I can see the paths of those who sneak into MY personal forest and root around where I can see them connecting to my pc’s, they are all but caught. just remember, whatever you do to me~it’s MY turn next.