AM I REALLY THE ONLY ONE NOTICED THE PC INVASIONS BEING DONE BY SHURER’S PACK OF MINIONS? from the stuff i was able to open up on my pc, it looks like they have been doing this hacking since at least 2009…and none of you out there noticed something in your pc’s? I kept noticing a ‘?’ between me and the internet on one of my pc’s but never on both at the same time -it was not something you could ignore after noticing it.  I decided to get off shurer’s internet network because of the ‘?’ ‘s and paid Comcast to bring me a modem and I supposedly got off wireless, but the ‘troutfishing in America’ network owned by Michael shurer, the owner of Michael’s audio and video the fraser laundry and apartment building I live in, is the only thing keeps attaching to my pc, I can clearly see how he gets in and what he does and I got pictures of documents I opened with my notepad on edit, and I got a picture of the remote address I have come to know that is for shurer’s router… I have noticed the I.P.v address change from mine to his router back and forth, and do not even try to say it is a dynamic address, as I take pics of the network map and the addresses of what is on it and it goes back and forth between 2 damn numbers, depending on when my ticks are sucking off me…crying shame someone would go to all the trouble to look at every damn thing I am doing with my pc, if they want to know what I am doing they just need to watch my facebook page as I post all these horrible things I have been dealing with. or the fucking cowards can ask me any damn thing they want -though they may not like the answer much, I really have no shame and I will say some shocking  or rank ass things if that’s what is on my mind, seems I am one of the few people willing to call a sspade a spade- I used to call them niggers, but my new favorite word for blacks is ‘NEGRO’… whenever I see one I say ” WOW-A NEGRO!’ USUALLY FOLLOWED BY “YOU’RE NOT FROM AROUND HERE, ARE YOU?” said in a jovial manner and the are so flipped out by someone who says shit like that to them and the world in general ~they just stare at me in shock and laugh nervously… the reason they get the new classification in because I have to make the distinction between white and black niggers, and it seems that even though there are few blacks up here, there seem to be plenty of niggers…white ones.   if anyone doubts myh pc’s are being invaded by someone on Michael shurer’s internet router network, just look on my facebook -Karin wrape fraser Colorado- google my name, you will see where my interests lie by what I have been posting concerning these ongoing pc invasions-go back in my timeline to june this year and you will see what I have been trying to show everyone I have caught.  stupidity is no longer an option as I refuse to let these criminals continue doing these invasions, cause I doubt I am the only one they are doing this to.  all I can say is I have caught a number of unethical things for a businessman to do in his community, I have caught his employees cutting into other services and caught him at other money related matters, and now I find things in the trash on his work orders from his audio and video store, my name is on these papars that are obviously a contract between him and his new lead tech, and the guy had written as one of the clauses of their contract that ‘Karin be gone by dec. 31st, 2013 or he would seek new living quarters’ … hell of a thing to find in the trash especially since I saw him write he would be ethical business-wise on one of the other pages.  now they have stolen the handicap parking sign of mine from the rails in front of my parking space. this is the mentality of these sneaks, I see them, I have not noticed every damn thing they are doing yet- but I have a lot of crap to learn about so I can try and think about all the ways they can invade my privacy and fuck with me in general. it is not the place of shurer’s employees to dictate where the fuck I live or who collects my section 8 housing checks and I will be damned if I will let a bunch of sneaking white niggers run me from ANYWHERE! these punks are literally TEACHING me how they invade and what they do once they are in- I guess since I am the only one to notice pc invasions involving a man that owns an audio and video store, and who I have caught at a number of rank, belowboard, unethical and just plain criminal behavior-I guess it is my duty as a citizen up here in grand county to warn the rest of you blind ass sheep-it is not like it used to be up here, crime of all kinds goes on up here, just today one of shurer’s former tenants, called me and asked me for my PAIN medication!  for some reason I have been able to retain my sense of humor and now laugh as I leave messages to chief trainor asking him to tell the drug addicts to quit asking me for drugs – if they want opiates they need to get their own life changing injuries and find their own damn doctor and get their own fucking pills. if they need someone to fuck them up enough to get prescribed heavy pain medication I can refer them to the nut that attacked me-he lives in fox run apartments and will attack you for free, and by free-I mean there will never be any damn charges  unless you  force the issue as our lazy, corrupt police would rather neglect their duty than deal with the dangerous man, yet expect me to live right next door to a man that BEAT ON ME IN MY OWN APARTMENT. so all you drug addicts that need a good reason to get your pain meds, head on over to the fox run apartments and you should  be able to find someone willing to fuck you up enough so you can get yourself some real heavy pain meds, that’s me, still willing to help!