THIS IS THE SECOND TIME I HAVE GIVEN UP TRYING TO WARN GRAND COUNTY ABOUT THINGS THAT HARM THEM AND FOR MY OWN HEALTH I WASH MY HANDS OF THE WHOLE LOT OF YOU.    I TRIED TO TELL YOU ALL ABOUT THINGS POLICE REFUSE TO PROTECT YOU FROM AND ALL I GOT FOR MY TROUBLE WAS A COMMUNITY THAT HAS IGNORED EVERY CRIME DONE TO ME AND FOR THAT REASON I HOPE THE WHOLE LOT OF YOU END UP IN THE SAME BOAT-VICTIMIZED BY NOT ONLY UNSCRUPULOUS BUSINESSES BUT BY THE LAZY AND UNETHICAL POLICE AS WELL.  I came here years ago to get away from crime and drugs and everything I have seen since my return  has sickened me to the point that I no longer  give a fuck what you rotten people do to each other.  I refuse to live in a place where the people suck worse than the police do.  this place is as bad as aurora. co. in my opinion-aurora is one fucked up place and damn near every day I see something worse than the day before happening there on the news…so for all you people who have allowed me to be repeatedly victimized~fuck you all in the neck, you deserve everything these unethical businesses and police do to you.    Karin Wrape, future Ex resident of fucked up Fraser, Colorado… 11-9-13