THERE HAVE BEEN 3 MAJOR SERIES OF EVENTS IN MY LIFE I CONSIDER TO BE ACTUAL HELL, AND I GOT AWAY YET AGAIN- BUT TO DO SO I HAVE TO CHANGE EVERY DAMN THING IN MY LIFE. and to tell you the truth- I have been stressed out so badly for so damn long now- I forgot what happy was…  I have moved to little cabin above lake granby, just outside of town, and today I spent puttering around happily even though I still don’t got tv- my ipod has plenty of music on it, so I happily washed windows and cleaned out cabinets and drawers and that kind of thing.  one of the best days I have had all year!  so once again, I have had that one shot to take the money and run and I did it, I even got jewed out of 75 bucks but seriously, NOT having to haggle with that whining cheapfreak Michael shurer, just not having to talk any longer to the guy was worth the 75 bucks.  he really is one miserable person to talk with…so I am free from hell and I am happy to have gotten away from a situation that could have potentially put me in the  nut house again.   to have been to that point three times is a real drag~point is I got away three times-I must never let this type of thing happen again as I may not get away next time.  I can’t wait til the day I reformat the last pc evidence chip and the last thumb drive and start taking pictures of this beautiful place god found for me to live.  you probably won’t see a lot of me around town as I really don’t got much use for people right now, nuff said, so long and thanks for all the fish.  my smile is back, hopefully for good this time, I think I can be very happy here with this beautiful view- I woke up in a CLOUD this morning!