`I HAVE DONE MY BEST TO GET AWAY FROM  THE NEST  OF DRUG ADDICTS, DRUNKS AND CROOKED COPS AND BUSINESS OWNERS  IN FRASER, CO. I HAVE TRIED TO LET IT GO- BUT SINCE I HAVE MOVED AWAY ACROSS THE VALLEY TO THE LAKE GRANBY AREA,  HAD PC’S REPAIRED AND REPLACED MY INTERNET CONNECTION EQUIPMENT- IF ANY THING – THE PC INVASIONS HAVE GOTTEN  WORSE- AND SINCE THE POLICE REFUSE TO EVEN LOOK AT WHAT I AM TRYING TO SHOW THEM AND THE LOCAL PC REPAIR SHOP ABSOLUTELY REFUSES TO DO AN  UNBIASED EVALUATION TO DISCOVER WHO THE ACTUAL PERSONS ARE WHO ARE DOING THE ACTUAL HACKING – I CAN ONLY ASSUME THEY ARE ALL IN ON THE CRIME AND THAT I MAY HAVE UNCOVERED AN ACTUAL CRIME RING RIGHT5 HERE IN  GRAND COUNTY, COLORADO. SINCE POLICE REFUSE TO EVEN LOOK AT THE EVIDENCE-MUCH LESS FILE A SINGLE REPORT~iI CAN ONLY ASSUME THEY ARE BOUGHT AND PAID FOR. I AM ACTUALLY IN FEAR THAT I MAY  BE ATTACKED BY THOSE INVOLVED BEFORE I CAN GET SOMEONE TO LOOK INTO THIS SERIOUSLY AND EXPOSE WHAT I HAVE FOUND.  living in  mr. shurer’s apartments above the  fraser laundry was three years of incident after incident of crime being done to me by shurer, his employees living in the building and other tenants  I wish I could put behind me- but it looks like these freaks are not leaving me alone even though I have moved to a very remote area just outside granby, co.  while living in shurer’s building- I had to endure attacks by violent tenant with no protection by police unless they were absolutely FORCED to enforce protection orders from the judge when the man that attacked me inside my unit kept trying to force his way into my unit and get at me several times after the brutal assault that ruined my spinal fusion surgery I had in 2010. not only did I have to deal with some freak trying to attack me in my apartment, I kept catching all manner of crime and unethical business practices by Michael shurer and his employees from his audio and video store that lived in the building. I caught his employees cutting into my direct tv satellite dish, then was  threatened by shurer himself in a very physical manner – when I asked why there was a ladder at my second story window, and found that they had cut the wire coming out of my direct tv dish and installed splitters on the building and wired up the rest of the units from my dish.   I was threatened with eviction if I turned shurer in or changed  my cable provider and the cops did not even file a report for the intrusion, nor for the eviction threats.  mr. shurer signs people up for direct tv service- but does NOT do any installs or repairs- but he DOES cut into other people’s services and direct tv refused to do anything about one of their reps threatening a disabled woman with eviction when she catches his employees cutting into contracted direct tv services I had been paying protection plan fees on for years.  it got even worse when I caught a “?” between my pc’s and shurer’s router while I was paying him $25 a month for internet access.  I got Comcast wired modem internet with Comcast’s equipment but was eventually cut off from service as someone using shurer’s router was connecting to my devices even though I had disabled the wireless…Comcast refused to look into the invasion that kept keeping me from using my internet-sometimes for DAYS- so I can assume they are part of the problem, rather than a reputable company.  3 different pc’s were accessed through  shurer’s router, since I caught that my emails were being intercepted and altered in june of 2013-i never had a single virus or any spam- just blocked incoming connections through shurer’s router.  destroying every printer and camera attached to my devices then the components on the computers themselves, device after device, with 2 different I.S.P.’s and different internet security programs, trend micro and mcaffee were straight up turned off day after day and I have been literally forced to learn how hacking works trying to use my devices and services and police refused to file a single report even though I have had other services cut into by those working for shurer at his audio and video store and the access was being done through shurer’s wireless network and through shurer’s router-police claiming COMPUTER STUPIDITY as refusal to look into my pc invasions was ridiculous, I had pictures of his network connected to my pc’s and users being created with their own passwords and answer to a secret question and everything on my pc was being sent to a fax machine and xml document writer that I DO NOT OWN… and what is strange is that shurer claimed  to know NOTHING about computers, even though he owns a business that installs audio video and security equipment in people’s HOMES and owns not only a modem, but a router AND a wireless network and required payment for access to it. WHY WOULD SOMEONE OWNING AN AUDIO AND VIDEO  STORE KNOW NOTHING ABOUT COMPUTERS ???   I was trying to report remote access issues that VIOLATE FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS LAWS AND PUBLIC TRUST ETHICS IN EVERY WAY.  THESE PEOPLE WERE REMOTELY ACCESSING MY MACINES AND NOT ONLY INTERCEPTING AND ALTERING MY EMAIL- BUT MAKING ADMINISTRATIVE CHANGES AND CHANGING SHARE SETTINGS AS WELL AS DESTROYING THE DEVICES THEMSELVES.  when I took my brand new pc’s to the repair shop in the alco center and showed them the files I found with the strange dates YEARS before my devices were built and software installed, for updating router configurations and dial in restrictions with signatures of  ‘STEELHEAD’ and ‘CHICAGO’ on them -THE OWNER ASKED ME WHERE I FOUND THEM…  Michael shurer comes from Chicago-in case you didn’t know.   it got so bad  that my PHONES WERE BEING HUNG UP CONSTANTLY while I was trying to get technical help and his employees were throwing things at me and my car and I was finding contracts on shurer’s work orders saying I had to be evictedby dec 31 2013. I evenhad the back window broken into and my handicap parking sign was removed from in front of my parking space. now that I havwe moved away- the same things are starting to happen again -the phone hanging up constantly, changes for share settings altered and complaints I am typing just disappearing, try after try, and having to increase my data plan to avoid overages- for the SECOND time- my emails being altered and undeliverable, chat sessions cut off with customer service for my verison and inquiries on my computers- and now my bank accounts have had a hard freeze put on them=someone reported my atm card stolen the day I went to the bank… I have sent 2 pc’s off for repair and I immediately notice files with strange dates on them for co-installation and remote access something is constantly querying my pc for blank passwords from the guest account, 3 different printers trying to install drivers after I disable the drivers as I do NOT connect my printer to my pc- EVER… I feel mr shurer uses the info from signing people up for direct tv and the credit checks when renting them apartments to gain access to their different accounts -all my problems have started again at my new place and I am finding they are using my pc remotely again and it seems not only do I have 3 interfaces on my pc- I found experimental low energy blue tooth devices listed among the things accessing my pc. in case I do disappear- I want all my peeps to know it is because of the crap that is appearing on pc’s and that they are the same strange stuff I was going through caused by micheael shurer and his employees at his audio store in fraser, co. called ‘MICHAEL’S AUDUO AND VIDEO’ and to not only have micheal shurer and his employees investigated- but the winter park, co. police as well. they have shown comple disregard for my safety in the past and the local comptwer repair in fraser, co. refuses to look into EXTREME HACKING which you would think they would be very interested in… if I come up missing-get an investigation started on these three entities- cause this is NOT a conspiracy THEORY- it is FACT, my theory as to HOW they are doing it through credit checks for Apartment rentals and signing people up for direct tv services is what you should look into.