YES, ONCE AGAIN I AM AMAZING ALL WHO SEE ME TO THE POINT THEY FEEL THE NEED TO MENTION HOW HAPPY I LOOK DIRECTLY TO ME… That is proof that the damage I suffered for the last three years living in Fraser, Colorado, under Chief Glen Trainor’s watch- have not done permanent damage.  despite the best efforts of those associated with Michael Shurer, and all the invasions and damage to my pc’s trying to keep me from using my own services and devices- I have found a bit of the privacy I have been trying to regain.  I realized the problem would persist as long as these people could gain access to my devices with the third party certificates  they were getting through geotrust, verisign, godaddy etc.-As long as I was using something they could get into with those offline signed CRL certificates, I would never be rid of the ticks.  Being of sound mind, I  figured I had to make some drastic  changes in the way I get internet, so I got myself an apple iPad- best decision I have made all year.  I am not only learning a new operating system-I am also in constant contact with apple support just waiting for the previous persistent PC invaders to try and interface or co-install anything that will lead apple to those looking to breach the security Apple brags about!!!  You can bet I am putting them through their paces, and making sure they know about the “TRUSTED INSTALLER” issue that killed my laptops…  We are waiting with baited breath for ANY BLUETOOTH ACTIVITY to occur, I made sure the apple people knew all about the invasions done through Michael Shurer’s router and him allowing his employees from his audio and video store to cut into my satellite dish and the threats and the devices paired with my cell phone and the fake system restore points found in my devices and the files for updating router configurations and dial in restrictions with the signatures of “CHICAGO” and “STEELHEAD” on them, they understood very well what kind of attacks I was dealing with and we shall be watching vigilantly for any thing that looks even SLIGHTLY strange… I will eventually figure out how to trace those certificates backwards and i have literally THOUSANDS of pictures of evidence on various SD cards,disks and thumb drives for when I DO figure out who owns the ones used to invade my firewalls and keep me from using my internet-but for now- I am enjoying using my new apple iPad and loving the HELL out of my pretty touchscreen!  And being able to actually use my verison jet pack is fucking cool… Not only did I buy myself a very very nice toy,I can use my own internet without having to fight for control of my device for hours every damn day- And that was worth every single fucking penny I paid for my brand new iPad and all the support It offers.   I would just LOVE being the one to spot invaders and bring it to the attention of the apple security folks!  It would be the BOMB to bust Shurer’s little crime ring and expose winter park police for the crooked fucks everyone already knows they are…you folks should HEAR what is REALLY going on In Grand County,Colorado- the other night on my scanner I heard a report of an alarm going off in A home where the owners were KNOWN to be out of town- and it was well over 2HOURS before the po po bothered to respond….they do rolling runs on plates as they are driving around and even PINGING PEOPLE’S PHONES at one A.M. To locate where certain people are…I just LOVE being able to listen to both sides of the police scanner while shopping in City Market or while driving and the coolest part of all- they tell me where they are several times a day and even tell me the time of day,pretty much all day and night, it’s like having a talking clock and a newspaper that actually tells you news of what is going on in your area!!! Not all the ass kissing fluff the skyhi daily news prints- the REAL crimes and crap the drunks and drug addicts are doing up here.   So EVERYONE- if you want to know what is going on around this place, get on your internet and look up “”   Search for grand county and listen —I assure you that you will thank me for this after a single afternoon of listening to how the Police,E.M.S. And State Patrol operate!  And for all you people wondering out there, YES – I really do have a man in my life and I can assure he is enjoying MANY wonderful blowjobs as well as my sparkling wit!   He does not drink or do drugs or smoke     anything so I do not have to worry about stealing my meds or stinking my home up with cigarettes.    Was an 8year dry spell,so I am enjoying the HELL out of his company! He can tell the difference between my bi-polar personalities-he calls my male persona “BOB”….hehehehe. He is great with electronics and between the two of us we are learning all manner of things about electronics and operating systems and radio frequencies- he has even taken the time to explain to my patient navigator about what HE has personally witnessed going on while I HAD working laptops. I am NOT a conspiracy theorist, I AM however, a CRIME RING theorist…so to all those that are watching me, I suggest you watch very closely for a while I am just trying to help the more vulnerable in Grand County, Colorado avoid suffering the same victimization I went through the last three years I lived in Fraser, Colorado, under sheriff go blindly’s watch- I know  Shurer and his minions are committing federal communications crimes and sooner or later it is gonna come out and all that denied me help identifying and prosecuting the series of incidents I suffered while living in  Michael Shurer’s apartments above the Fraser Laundry,will be considered accessories to those crimes when this 8th grade graduate and former junkie and prostitute expose the creeps who prey upon our very own residents…til then you all get to see something not seen in over three years-me, happy as HELL and there is not one single thing or person in Grand County, Colorado i am gonna let get in the way of my happiness.    I WIN,YET AGAIN! People are looking at me and breaking out in uncontrollable laughter,and I am laughing right back at ya all…after all,I no longer live in Fraser,Colorado-land of the sneak and home of the thief – I live in God’s country now! Karin Wrape,Resident,Granby,Colorado 3-2-14