Now that I have put an ad in the paper telling Grand County residents where they can go on the internet and listen to both sides of the police scanners the cops are gonna have to clean up their act.
The other night me and my fella were listening to the scanner while watching tv and we heard about the alarm had gone off in the house of someone who police knew were out of town and they did not bother to check on the place for over two hours”….why bother paying for alarms when cops don’t check I the places when the burglar alarms go off… Makes me wonder if the alarms were installed by michael’s audio and video- police refused to look into any of the crimes I caught being committed by that business. Police didn’t care when shurer’s employees cut into my cable and they didn’t care when Shurer threatened me and invaded my pc’s and remotely accessed the and eventually killed all my devices so I couldn’t report the crimes
They did not care that Michael Shurer himself stole equipment I was supposed to return to direct tv and they do not care about you or your safety,or if your shit gets stolen they are pinging phones of people they are watching in the early morning hours to get a trail of everywhere the phone made a call and they run plates randomly looking for cars with no insurance or tickets the owners may not have paid… You are all being checked out in questionable ways and Grand County residents need to know how these creeps operate and I a the one that put the ad in the paper about so folks can listen to the police scanner on their laptops for free- I listen to it while I drive not only do the cops tell you the time all day long, they tell you where they are when they check in and go on and off duty and you can hear them run folks they pull over. You also get state police and EMS as well as road crews and forestry. He’ll you even get flight for life… Just wait,won’t be long before I figure out how to ping their phones and listen to their cell phone calls and it beats the shit out of that fluff rag they call a paper cause you get the REAL news… So sheriff go blindly and the pack of tiny cops in winter park are gonna have to watch their P’s and Q’s cause karin wrape put an ad in the local paper informing everyone who can read where they can listen to how our crooked cops operate whenever they want for free… That’s just me always trying to help…hehehe karin wrape,granby, co.