Anyone who knows who a gal named Sandra Furman might want to call me at (970)887-9695. A dell latitude PC recently appeared and it had a lot of shall we say very suspicious programs on it.   It came from some people who are known to be of ill repute so I do not know if it is a stolen device or not, but chances are that it is….either way I am very interested in talking to the original owner about the programs that where on it I have contacted dell and plan on speaking with them in greater detail about what I have seen as I am sick of all the computer based crime going on in grand county, Colorado that the police refuse to investigate until you prove to them that crime I being done-and literally having to pay professionals to tell the cops an investigation needs to be conducted in concerns with local audio and video business owners. I am collecting the requested paperwork from best buy as police have requested and as soon as they are able to fix the last two pc’s and print up the results I will be turning copies of the report into the  grand county sheriff department and if they do not look into these federal communications violations being done against an AT RISK ADULT, I will be filing some major complaints and find out which regulatory committee grand county is governed by and get their refusal to investigate federal crime looked into.   I am dealing with hacking no one should ever have to discover being done… That fucking punk Michael Shurer STOLE EQUIPMENT I WAS SUPPOSED TO RETURN TO DIRECT TV THE DAY I MOVED OUT OF HIS APARTMENT BUILDING IN FRASER COLORADO on NOVEMBER, 23 rd,2013 I had also caught his employees from his audio and video store, michaels audio and video-cutting into my direct tv satellite dish and threatened with eviction when I caught it.. I tried showing police that someone using shurer’s router had entered my PC and created a new user-with their own password and answer to secret question-but they refused to look into the invasions at all.   Since I have moved away across the valley-it has only gotten worse.   I am being blocked from using devices and services I pay for, and the crimes are keeping a handicapped woman from being able to contact the outside world.  My phones  had things PAIRED with them, so I no longer have a cell phone.  If I am harmed in any way I want everyone to know it has been done because I have caught some very illegal actions being committed by persons associated with an audio and video company that is installing things in peoples’ homes here I grand county Co.    I have tried to warn. People about what I have found, but the police refuse to help me even though all of my computers have been destroyed and I have found files for using my PC as a REMOTE PRINT SERVER and. MY SPEAKERS AS MICROPHONES!!!    I guess I am the only person in grand county Colorado the police will not protect.  I cannot even use one of my pc’s or my iPad to connect to the internet and have to use the library to post anything- that should be proof enough that investigation into cybercrime and the lack of interest of police to investigate ANYTHING they do not profit from NEEDS TO BE CONDUCTED. so anyone who knows this Sandra Furman gal, please call me cause she  may be in some trouble from what I saw on a device with her name  listed as owner from 1999 and grand county better get it’s act together before I find the right agency to complain about them to.  Be aware that if ANYONE comes to my home to try and take the evidence I have been compiling, I have cameras and I WILL protect myself if anyone tries to break in and steal the evidence I am fixing to expose.  And I AM A SADIST.   I will NOT shoot you with a gun I will beat you to death. You have been warned.