GRAND COUNTY, COLORADO IS BECOMING KNOWN AS A PLACE WHERE JUSTICE IS HARD TO COME BY, WHERE PEOPLE ENTRUSTED WITH TAKING CARE OF OUR COMMUNITY ARE QUESTIONABLE AND A PLACE WHERE THE POLICE DO NOT HELP WITH ANY CRIME UNLESS THEY PROFIT IN SOME WAY… What a horrible thing to read in the local paper, someone requesting accountability of our town offices anonymously, most likely because they fear being singled out for requesting audits.  I am Karin wrape and I have been victimized by grand county justice system, it’s businesses and residents for a number of years, and now I am putting ads in the local paper to inform folks where they can  listen to local police scanner for free at BROADCASTIFY.COM and looking for the owner of a dell latitude laptop that is most likely a stolen computer from someone named Sandra Furman.  I tried to report it to police but they were extremely disinterested and I was actually hung up on by the police… they claimed they could not find anything about the owner out, but I was able to find not only the listed owner, but her age, address and a disconnected phone number in silverthorn, co.. I am sure the owner would not appreciate her pictures of her pets being deleted~ much less give away or sell a pc with business and tax info on it… she probably does not even know it is missing yet.  but now I have even more rank stuff to disclose.  I am being evicted by the folks running the bluebird motel in Grand Lake, co. FOR SHOVELLING SNOW AND MUD FROM THE ENTRY TO PARKING LOT AT 750 C.R. 632 in granby, co.  The other neighbor living in these cabins has told people she plans to get me evicted before she is sentenced to prison by Judge Hoak on 4/14/14 for violating probation.  she is a “dear friend” of the management and has called her and made some very strange complaints, including saying I was going to BURN DOWN ONE OF THE CABINS, DROWN A CAT, AND I WAS HARASSING HER AND CAUSIONG PROPERTY DAMAGE BY SHOVELING SNOW FROM THE ENTRY TO THE CABINS ON BUSSEY HILL!!~!  I WAS OREDERED BY POLICE NOT TO SHOVEL ANY MORE SNOW AND HAVE BEEN TRAPPED BECAUSE OF SNOW MELT, UNABLE TO GO TO TOWN OR GET MAIL OR MEDS OR ANYTHING.  thre gal making the  complaints KNOWS I will most likely lose my section 8 if forced to move, will have no address or phone and no place to plug in my oxygen machine or get deliveries!  it is intentional, and malicious and I consider it aggravated harassment by eviction and crime against an ‘AT RISK ADULT’.  I am the only one who has done any snow maintenance all winter, including shoveling the other side of the parking area and ambulances have gotten stuck in the lower lot because they do NO SNOW REMOVAL.  I am planning to fight this eviction as it is discrimination, since they are not evicting the other tenants who have been trying to shovel the snow and mud from the entry to these cabins.  I have gotten a protection order against this mean neighbor that I used to help with rides, loans and snow removal. I even contacted grand county road and bridge about the mud issue, but they said it was the res[ponsibility of management- and they refuse to do anything but chuck a few rocks in the mud.  I refuse to be forced out of my place to live for trying to get enough mud shoveled to get my car out of the driveway.  the liocal paper refuses to post any real news so I asm writing this statement and handing it out to residents, so all will know that KARIN WRAPE REFUSES TO BE VICTIMIZED BY GRAND COUNTY ANY LONGER.  4-12-14