WHAT A FUCKING WORLD… GET INVADED BY A CREEP WITH AN AUDUO AND VIDEO STORE AT HIS DISPOSAL, ACTUALLY Catch the creep invading pc’s and fucking police refuse to help me… on my new pc I have had 16 network adapters installed and the damn thing has not even been opened 10 times yet.  saw some very unusual things in my event logs while I was looking up events and in particular noticed something called JUNIPER NETWORKS,JUNOS PULSE VPN BEING INSTALLED AS WELL AS SOMETHING CALLED SONIC WALL MOBILE CONNECT BEING INSTALLED AND I LOOKED THESE THINGS UP, CALLED THE COMPANY AND WAS TOLD A BUSINESS FROM FRASER, COLORADO HAD PURCHASED SOMETHING FROM THIS COMPANY AND THE SONIC WALL THING WAS PART OF THEIR STUFF AND WAS FOR APPS FOR VIRTUAL NETWORKING…AS THE NET CLOSES IN ON THIS  NEFARIOUS BUSINESS, I CAN ALMOST SMELL THE FEAR SWEAT IN THE AIR-OR IS THAT THE SULPERN SPRINGS???? HEHEHE  BESIDES CATCHING A PROGRAM FORT REMOTE ACCESS VIA IPv6 on my ipad called ‘QUAGGA’ that apple claims to know nothing about, I am catching business based invasion through APPS…when I first got this new pc  I immediately noticed a bunch of things being added, and the count yesterday was up to 16 fucking network adapters… I trimmed it down to 10 and sure enough this morning there were 12!!! I keep disabling the teredo tunneling adapter and in 13 minutes it is back… I look at the events and it clearly shows me disabling or removing the drivers for this adapter, over and over and over. century link is telling me there is a short in my home phone when I call up to complain about the damn phone getting repeatedly hung up while I am on the phone with apple or hp, but when they come out they cannot find the source of the intrusion. today I just found a piece of  the siding on my trailer missing exposing an electrical outlet that directly accesses my kitchen-FUCK>when will these people leave me alone??? same shit different living quarters…I NEVER had any pc problems before I caught Michael shurer’s router invading my Ethernet wired modem internet with his router on july 23 at 4pm and creating a new user, with their own password and answer to a secret question- but since that day last year 5 FUCKING PC’S HAVE BEEN DESTROYED, I AM ON  MY 8TH JETPACK THIRD IPAD SINCE FEB 20 2014, AND I KEEP FINDING FILES WITH THYE SIGNATURE OF ‘$CHICAGO$’ IN EVERY NEW DEVICE, NOT IN THE IPAD, THOUGH.  AND THE DATES ARE RATHER NOTICABLE 6/21/06,  YEARS BEFORE MY DEVICES WERE BUILT.  SO KEEP ON INSTALLING SHIT ON MY PC’S AND IPADS, I AM USING THE COMMAND PROMPT WINDOW AND IT IS SPITTING UP SOME VERY INTERESTING INFO- AND REMEMBER WHEN I CATCH THE EXACT FUCKHEAD RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS NON STOP INVASION AND DESTRUCTION OF MY DEVICES- I WARNED YOU TO BACK AWAY FROM THE BI-POLAR BITCH LONG AGO.  I HAVE LEARNED TO BYPASS MY FIRST CIRCUIT THE OTHER DAY AND IT WAS SOOO COOL, BUT WHAT I DO TO THE PERSON RESPONSIBLE FOR TORMENTING ME WILL DEFINITELY NOT BE COOL…IF YOU LIVE THROUGH THE ENCOUNTER -YOU BEST THANK GOD I LET YOU LIVE…KARIN WRAPE 8/27/14