i have found out why bob is being ignored and left to drink himself to death. dr. mont told linda blackwell NOT TO BUY BOB ANYMORE BEER, YET THERE ARE CASES ON THE PORCH. i read ONE of bob’s perspectuses he got in the mail, when he actually GOT what was in his mailbox cause i took him to post office on the way to the doctor- this guy is a millionaire- i have never seen that much money on paper-not even when greg DeWitt get the money for selling mineral rights on property left when his family died out. bob has told me he has gifted linda blackwell with $10,000 recently to buy a new car…i ask you how does linda blackwell justify this man who can just give away more money than i get from my ssi in a whole fucking year, being on section eight housing??? MULTIPLE BANK ACCOUNTS- OVERSEAS INVESTMENTS- JUST THE INTEREST ON SOME OF THE MINOR STOCKS IS ENOUGH TO DISQUALIFY HIS SECTION EIGHT…WE ARE TALKING FEDERAL PRISON NOW THAT I KNOW ABOUT THE NUMEROUS ASSETS LINDA BLACKWELL WAS HIDING AFTER THE INHERITANCE FROM SECTION EIGHT CAUSE THE INHERITANCE WAS IN 2012 AND SINCE LINDA HAD TO HAVE FILED RE-EVALUATION PAPERWORK WITH SECTION 8, AND DID NOT DECLARE THIS ENORMOUS INHERITACE TO SECTION 8 AT ALL- JUST LOOKED UP THE REQUIREMENTS OF A SECTION 8 WORKER AND THE REDETERMINATION OF SECTION 8 HOUSING AND REPORTING REQUIREMENTS. SAD THING IS THIS GUY THINKS THESE PEOPLE CARE ABOUT HIM-THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT HIM, BUT BOB MENTIONED LINDA MENTIONED MOVING INTO A HOUSE TOGETHER- THEY DO NOT WANT HIS INVESTMENT MONEY INCOME TO GET AWAY- YOU FUCKING PEIOPLE AND THOSE DAMN PEICES OF PAPER- YOUR GREED SICKENS ME- THERE HAVE BEEN MORE PEOPLE KILLED BECAUSE OF THE CONCEPT OF MONEY THAN DEATHS FROM RELIGION AND ALCOHOL CCOMBINED, AND THE SAD FACT IS- WHEN TYOU ARE NOT AROUND OTHER HUMANS-MONEY IS USELESS, YOU CANNOT EAT IT,SPEND IT OR SHOOT IT UP OR FUCK IT UNLESS HUMANS ARE INVOLVED…THINK ON THAT FOR A SPELL-HUMAN BEING VALUE PAPER OVER PEOPLE- AND YES-YOU CAN QUOTE ME ON THAT…I HAVE BEEN PAYING FOR DIAPER RASH CREAMS AND PRESCRIPTIONS,OUT OF THE $710 I GET A MONTH FROM SSI TO HELP OUT A FUCKING MILLIONARE…LINDA BLACKWELL AND RANDY GANT ONLY WANTED TO PAY $10 A DAY FOR CARE OF BOB GANT,WHILE DETOXING HIM RECENTLY-ONCE Again greed rears it’s ugly head. all i gotta say is bob is not aware these people want him institutionalized as fast as possible before he finds the real facts about who is managing his money- he has told me he has been getting calls from financial institutions alerting strange activity on his accounts lately and this whole situation needs investigation by a disinterested party on bob’s behalf.


THE THINGS YOU SEE AND SMELL IN GRAND COUNTY,COLORADO…the smell of a piss and shit stained loveseat, the smell of the sulpher wafting on the breeze at night, the brother of this guy sitting in a lawnchair, drinking beer and glaring over at the trailer they have left bob to drink himself to death in, the section eight worker that is stupid enough to come visit bob when she is drunk and snitch her own self off about hidden trust funds and intentional neglect…the things i hear from these drunks has me amazed and i listen to the recordings a lot, just cause i still don’t beleive what i heard these people say in regards to bob’s welfare…can you imagine my section eight worker threatening to cut off my section eight for reporting this neglect/self neglect of an “AT RISK” adult after the hospital ordered me to? can you imagine…

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