I love reading my older articles, it shows me how much I am learning and the way my thinking evolves. and all you people out there calling ME crazy-you should take a long look at yourself in the mirror and then look up the definition of the word ‘crazy’ as I feel it is not me that is crazy, but the people stupid enough to assume because I take anti psychotic medications I am psychotic…I take the damn meds to keep from harming you- not because I am crazy-but because I am smart enough to know I need them.


of all the things i thought i might do on the third of july this year, hugging a cop would not have even made the list… seem to be saying that a lot lately.   this one got a hug from me for actually doing his job and helping me look up the management of the sunset motel, the fact that he saved me several hours of fighting this ipad is what he got hugged for- they should have gotten that mullinex bitch out of this county LONG ago… bitch actually fired an employee,and forced her and her family to move out in12 hours for refusing to file false statements against a person she did not even know.  she also is having problems getting wages recovered after the mullinex bitch threw her out for having ethics kim mullinex obviously lacks.  while i feel sorry she is having problems finding out…

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