I THINK THINGS LIKE IDENTITY THEFT AND METH USE -THESE ARE THINGS ALL COMMUNITIES SHOULD KNOW ABOUT-KINDA LIKE LETTING US ALL KNOW WHEN A SEXUAL PREDATOR IS IN OUR AREA- THESE ARE NOT THINGS WE SHOULD FIND OUT AFTER A PHONECALL IN RESPOSE TO AN AD IN THE NEWSPAPER I HAVE,  ASKING FOR HELP IDENTIFYING PC INVASIONS SINCE POLICE REFUSE TO HELP ME.. wow- people call ME and tell me things about identity theft and persons actually in my vicinity- I googled the name given me and up pops a transcript from the tv show ‘AMERICAN GREED’  the title of the episode is from August 23rd of 2009 and the title is ‘TRACKING ID THEIVES-ARE YOU SAFE?’ and after reading about Roberta Corcoran in the transcript I find out the address where she is residing and went to take a look at the person who was the focus of the ‘American Greed’ episode…I find I had actually been there at that residence-years ago- back when Rob Winters was living with me-we had went there together-anyone that knows me knows that i ain’t no sneak- I will blatantly circle the copshop looking at strange vehicles I see in the parking lots, count the antennas and take pics to show to people I talk with about my pc invasion issues- people I intentionally utilize as a point of gossip, or at least talk loudly enough that people inside the store will hear- YES-INTENTIONALLY.  and I make sure the people I am talking with understand this.  if nothing else- this little community here in Grand County, Colorado-is FUELED BY GOSSIP… so here is a little more for ya- someone called me in response to an ad I placed in the local paper- gave me info about a person they seemed to feel I needed to know about, and were not against leaving their name and phone number and alerted me to me as to where the person was  living and with whom they were living with, I go over there and introduce myself to the person ‘Roberta Corcoran’ and ask  if she was the person on the ‘AMERICAN GREED” show and she flatly replied “Yes” and then asked her if she is in ANY WAY involved with ANYONE who knows Michael Shurer-and she replies “NO”  but admits the person she is staying with DOES know him…Michael Shurer is the owner of Michael’s Audio and Video in Fraser, Co. and the owner of the apartment building where I used to live in Fraser, Colorado, and whose wireless network accessed my pc at 3:19 pm on 7/23/13 while I was using my Ethernet to modem connection I had with Comcast equipment and service- I have pictures of my Ethernet icon changing to wireless signal bars and hovered over the icon and it identified the offending wireless network invading my pc as ‘TROUTFISHINGIN AMERICA’- Michael Shurer’s wireless network and that day I noticed a new user created with their own password and answer to a secret question and from that time on I was UNABLE TO MAINTAIN ANY INTERNET USAGE- MY HOME PHONE BEGAN  HANGING UP-MAINLY WHILE ON TECHNICAL CALLS WITH MY PC MAKERS, MY ANTI VIRUS PROVIDERS, CENTURY LINK AND COMCAST-COMPLAINING ABOUT THE INABILITY TO USE MY INTERNET AND THE CONSTANT HANGING UP OF MY PHONES AND THE ‘TRUSTED INSTALLER’ BECAME OWNER OF EVERY PC I HAVE HAD SINCE THEN.   I HAVE NOTICED NUMEROUS NETWORK ADAPTERS BEING INSTALLED ON MY BRAND NEW PC AND NO MATTER WHAT I TRY- I CANNOT STOP THE VIRTUAL NETWORKING AND REMOTE MANAGEMENT OF MY DEVICES YET- I HAVE CAUGHT 2 DIFFERENT TYPES OF REMOTE ACCESS VIA IPv6, AND ON 2 DIFFERENT TYPES OF OPERATING SYSTEMS INCLUDING ONE INTERFACE LISTED AS ‘EXPERIMENTAL’ ON MY IPAD CALLED ‘QUAGGA’ AND MORE RECENTLY, SOMETHING INVOLVING JUNIPER.NET/JUNOS PULSE VPN- THAT I HAVE FOUND OUT IS INVOLVED WITH ROUTING DEVICES AND SOMETHING CALLED DELL sonicWALL THAT IS A VIRTUAL NETWORKING PROGRAM THAT WAS HAVING EXTREME ISSUES WITH ‘Safari’  on my HP laptop and WHICH IS USED ON APPLE DEVICES… THIS I FIND ON MY H.P. LAPTOP… ANYONE WHO STILL THINKS THIS HACKING I AM TRYING TO REPORT IS BULL- A STACK OF HACKED PC’S THAT ALL SEEM TO HAVE FILES WITH A ‘CHICAGO’ SIGNATURE ON THEM FOR CHANGING ROUTER CONFIGS AND DIAL IN RESTRICTIONS- THEY ARE VINDICATION OF MY CLAIMS.   I CURRENTLY HAVE 15 NETWORK ADAPTERS ON A MACHINE I AM TRYING TO STOP ALL WIRELESS ACCESS ON AND WHEN I LOOK AT THE MCAFEE-THERE ARE 3571 BLOCKED INCOMING CONNECTIONS AND 1 DAMN TROJAN WHICH APPEARS TO HAVE COME FROM A CACHE  ON THIS MACHINE-IF I AM READING IT RIGHT- CALLED ‘ARTEMIS’ A MANUAL DOWNLOAD FROM C:\USERS\KARIN\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Netcache\Low\IE\BF1V1E0M\manualdownloader.exe at 5:24 pm.  — those backslashes I am certain, mean something is from my registry and all the TechNet events I am looking up are straight up telling me there is a whole lot of remote and virtual stuff being done. I AM DOING MY BEST TO POSITIVELY IDENTIFY WHO ALL IS DOING THIS AND PROSECUTE THEM-WITH NO HELP FROM POLICE- AND I AM DOING IT TO STOP THESE CREEPS FROM DOING IT TO ANYONE ELSE- EVER…  I feel everyone should know when there is a predator living in our community-especially when IDENTITY THEFT BY A PERSON IS ABSOLUTELY CONFIRMED BY ME ASKING THE PERSON MYSELF AND THEM ABSOLUTELY AFFIRMING WHAT I READ. NO HESITATION- THE BROAD ADMITTED IT TO ME WHEN SPECIFICALLY ASKED IF SHE WAS THE PERSON IN THE TRANSCRIPTS FROM THE ‘AMERICAN GREED’ EPISODE I FOUND WHEN GOOGLING HER NAME ALONG WITH ‘IDENTITY THEFT IN COLORADO’.   I HAVE PUT THIS OUT THERE FOR ALL TO SEE- NO SNEAKING HERE- JUST PLAIN OLD FACTS THAT I PERSONALLY CHECKED OUT BY LOCATING AND  BLUNTLY ASKING ROBERTA CORCORAN IF IT WAS HER.  YOU GO FROM THERE ANYWHERE YOUR IMAGINATION MIGHT WANDER- JUST KEEP IN MIND THAT I AM TRYING TO STOP DESTRUCTION OF MY MACHINES AND INVASIONS INTO MY INTERNET THAT ARE HAPPENING UTILIZING PROXIMITY DEVICES.  ONCE AGAIN- I REPEAT-PROXIMITY DEVICES.  MTY PROXIMITY.  YOU FOLKS JUST KEEP ON THINKING BECAUSE I WEAR A SILLY GRIN WHEN AMONGST YOU- THAT I AM A FOOL.  PLEASE JUST KEEP ON THINKING THAT- SO THAT WHEN I ABSOLUTELY IDENTIFY THE PEOPLE DESTROYING MY STUFF AND STOPPING ME FROM USING SERVICES I PAY DEARLY FOR -YOU WILL BE SURPRIZED WHEN YOU FIND OUT THAT THEY GOT BUSTED BY A BI-POLAR PERSON WITH AN 8TH GRADE EDUCATION…AN EX-JUNKIE AND PROSTITUTE THAT HAS OVERCOME MORE CRAP THAN ANY HUMAN BEING SHOULD EVER ENDURE AND THAT I DID IT WITH SHEER DETERMINATION AND A REFUSAL TO ACCEPT CONTINUED VICTIMIZATION BY PEOPLE IN OUR COMMUNITY AND BY PLACING ADS IN OUR LOCAL PAPER AND LETTING PEOPLE CALL ME AND TELL ME ABOUT SOMEONE THAT THEY FEEL I NEED TO INVESTIGATE- FOIR WHATEVER PURPOSE THEY INTENDED, I SALUTE THEM FOR ALERTING ME OF A KNOWN CRIMINAL CAPABLE OF THE INVASIONS I AM EXPERIENCING. THANK YOU VERY MUCH- KARIN  WRAPE, YOUR CURRENT COMMUNITY WATCHDOG AND SOURCE OF INFORMATION OF THINGS THAT MIGHT CAUSE HARM TO ALL UP HERE IN GRAND COUNTY,COLORADO., 9/26/14