AND JUST WHEN I THOUGHT I HAD SEEN IT ALL-ONCE AGAIN I AM SHOCKED BY OUR RIGHTS GETTING STOMPED ALL OVER.   I thought that was one of the inalienable rights written down somewhere…where did I read about that???   oh yeah- IT WAS THE BILL OF RIGHTS.  you idiots already lost your right to bear arms-you lost em when they started voting on them…now we decide what religion others in distant countries overseas practice?  RELIGION,  by definition, according to history so far – has been the root of all manner of atrocities committed by people in the name of their religions.  churches literally get away with murder and tax evasion and even pedophilia right here in America- hell the president is a fucking muslim.  the thing about religion is that you gotta believe in it. americans  may say they believe in god but when was the last time you heard of someone religious enough to give their life for it???  what about a group of them???  they call those people zealots, I believe… can you imagine a  country that believes  in freedom of religion being the leaders in urging other nations to join  in on  a veritable genocide of an entire religious sect- just because it’s killing a few  people in a very public manner? WE USED TO BURN SUSPECTED WITCHES AFTER  TORTURING THEM–AND MOST OF THEM WERE WOMEN… do they kill all the  devil worshipers?   I am not a terrorist but I do believe that if people want to change what they believe in, they should be able to convert- even if we do not like they what they believe in or how they practice their religion in their own  country-damn- them people over there have been having pretty much constant religious wars of one kind or another for god only knows how long, killing like jesus was killed,in horrific ways as they have been since BEFORE Christ… we forget those people are fighting over blasted lands with very few toilets and have been doing it for thousands of years.  there is famine and little good over there but somehow it has produced a LOT of people willing to die for their beliefs, and it is common actually- remember Kamikazes? the definition of a religious Zealot varies depending on where you live.    what kind of a nation does that make us?  to cleanse a whole religion? to get all the other countries we can to take a swipe as well, guilt tripping even Canada into help blow them all to Hell, including the innocent,as collateral damage- just so we make sure we wipe every single one of them off the planet?  if there is one thing we have no right to do-it would be impose our beliefs on basically a bunch of savages in a country we should avoid like the Plague…this is not about terrorists-most people would not be able to tell the different religious sects apart were they right in front of us to compare.    am I the only one seeing our president justifying mass murder and getting every one else to help?  perspective…we are doing another witch hunt in countries were the people all look alike and are poor and we are giving them shitloads of guns that most folks right here would not be able to legally have and I am sure we ain’t  limiting the size of the magazines they can use in those guns either- I  believe we are even sending lots of ammo…wonder if the poor are trading their food stamps for rounds hahahaha  which is worse? a country that justifies mass murder  the way Hitler tried with the Jews-by ethnic cleansing- or a bunch of savages cutting off a few heads to get some recognition?  it is all about us wanting to take over resources in the end and imposing our laws in places that have none. we are Bigots,and we are Racists-ALL OF US.   we do not have the right to just start murdering other people in other  countries…DOES THAT NOT MAKE THE UNITED STATES AND ALL THOSE WE GET TO HELP   TERRORISTS OVER THERE???  the question is not would OBAMA do- but what would JESUS do…we should be sending them shovels and body bags-not ammo- they seem to be pretty good at killing already- Reverend Karin Wrape 10/8/14