THE LONGER I AM CLEAN AND SOBER, THE MORE I AM REALIZING-IT AIN’T ME THE ONE THAT IS CRAZY ROUND HERE…yep, it was a 3 cop day today at the granby library for me as I ran into a gal named linda ivey there- this broad called me not once-but two different times to ask me for a ride when her jeep had broken down, which I did go help her out during which time she whined about linda Blackwell and how she couldn’t get on section 8 up here-and naturally, I told her of my dealings as of late with my former section 8 worker, linda Blackwell-which to say the very least were in my thoughts were criminal actions- apparently section 8 thought so too after I disclosed some information about my  neighbor and her hiding bank accounts of this client and a nasty case neglect/self neglect of that person then threats towards me and unwanted physical contact by the broad when she invaded my pad when drunk one day, the video is on youtube, just look up videos by me, Karin wrape and you will see video you should trip out real good on. now you know what I was telling linda ivey when she whined about Blackwell,next you need to know she showed up STAYING with linda Blackwell for a while and when I stopped by to say hi to Ivey- she would not even come to the door…that, in my opinion is actions of a white nigger, then to add insult to injury calls police when I see her at the library today and tell her so-WITHOUT CURSING-she calls granby police.  all I gotta say about that is that if I have to come over to you and tell you your actions are those of a white nigger-you have absolutely no right to call police and whine about it cause I only say that directly to those that have EARNED THE TITLE OF ‘WHITE NIGGER’.  I used to be real bad about using the word ‘nigger’ as I had been repeatedly raped by the weekend staff at a facility I was placed in when a minor…I got issues… but now I prefer to call the dark ones ‘NEGROS’ instead and it really wigs them out when I come across the few darkies that come up to ski, as I immediately pipe up and say “OH- A BLACK NEGRO!” to them- I can’t help it- it just comes out before I can stop it, then of course, the poor uncomfortable toads stand there smiling and nodding their heads-unsure of what to do as I explain to them that up here we have a whole lot of WHITE  niggers and need to differentiate…hehehe, damn I am one sadistic fuck. those of you who have known me a while are aware I am trying real hard to control saying obnoxious things to the people when I am in public.   I have no problem controlling what goes INTO the various holes in my body- I still have not been able to control what comes OUT…I am a racist, i am NOT  going to apologize to anyone for it either- I just call a spade a spade and if you are offended by my thoughts, please make sure to let me know- I told you I was a sadist…12-13-14-   oh and the harassment charge Michael Shurer has placed against me for telling people about the crimes he has done to me-IT SHOULD BE NOTED HE DID NOT PLACE ANY SLANDER CHARGES AS HE KNOWS  WHAT I TELL PEOPLE IS THE TRUTH.