ONCE AGAIN I HAVE DONE ALL THE WORK FOR THE GRAND COUNTY POLICE AND ONCE AGAIN THEY REFUSE TO ACCEPT MY REPORT OR INVESTIGATE THE EXTREME PHONE SERVICE AND INTERENET DISRUPTIONS- YEP-I GOT THROWN OUT OF COPSHOP AND TOLD PRETTY MUCH NOT TO RETURN…just seems strange that the cops refuse to investigate a business I have caught cutting into other services, and to top it off-today century link rep told me my phone was tapped!!!  I already knew that- there is a screech that sounds like a tape recorder after I dial a number and when call ends-there is a very noticeable secondary hang up heard a few seconds after I hang up.   TERRORISTIC is how I feel these phone disruptions are in nature.  I have a harassment charge on Tuesday the 27th and I can hardly wait for it as the pack of evidence is coming with me along with  michaels audio and video invoice I found in trash when still living there- a contract being written up by a new lead tech and I am a condition of this contract- me being evicted is specified on #7 by the end of 2013 or the new employee would seek new living quarters- I am assuming it to be the same employee that threw a stick of butter at me one day that hit my car…REALLY-it made the paper…I am pretty sure me being evicted as a condition of employee to be hired by Michael’s audio and video would be considered criminal harassment as well as extremely unethical as well discrimination-we will see what the judge says Tuesday.  last time I went to court over pc invasion issues with shurer, I was detained for a mental health hold until 11:30 pm-almost sent to grand junction- I would have lost my car over that so this time i am WALKING to the courthouse-just in case they try and snatch me up on a mental health hold AGAIN- they will not be towing my car.   anyways fuck these lazy and disinterested cops- I have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am being hacked and now plan to have police investigated for refusing  to investigate a business I have caught at numerous crimes- I am an at risk adult trying to report crimes that are being done to this very day that destroy my devices and invade my privacy to an extreme only seen in those that are methamphetamine users.  most of the remote access on pc is in the wee hours of the morning…I WANT TO MAKE THIS VERY CLEAR TO ALL-I AM GOING TO HAVE TO DESTROY THIS BUSINESS TO KEEP THESE CRIMES FROM BEING DONE TO ANYONE ELSE.  I DO NOT MAKE THREATS- I INFORM PEOPLE OF WHAT I AM GOING TO DO AND THEN I DO IT.  COPS DON’T SCARE ME NOR AM I AFRAID OF THEM TARGETING ME.  IF THESE POLICE REFUSE TO PROTECT ME, I FEEL THEY HAVE NO BUSINESS BEING COPS AND I HAVE NO PROBLEM TELLING THE WHOLE VALLEY.  GRAND COUNTY RESIDENTS NEED TO CHECK THEIR PC’S FOR REMOTE ACCESS AND REMOTE  MANAGEMENT- I WOULD SUGGEST YOU STAY AWAY FROM HOLDENS HARD DRIVE FOR PC ISSUES AS THIS BUSINESS REFUSED TO DO AN UNBIASED EVALUATION  OF MY PC’S  -I STRESS USE OF WORD ‘UNBIASED’.   BEST BUY JUST DESTROYED THE PC’S-GAVE NO EVALUATION-THAT IS WHAT POLICE SAY I HAVE TO DO TO GET INVESTIGATION STARTED-  THE VPN PROFILE I FOUND IN THIS PC IS PROOF POSITIVE I AM STILL HACKED AS I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO CREATE ONE.I THOUGHT THE POLICE HAD DIFFERENT DEPARTMENTS TO HANDLE DIFFERENT TYPES OF CRIMES- I HEARD THE NAME ‘NORRIN’ OVER SCANNERLATER THAT DAY IN RELATION TO COMPUTER FRAUD-THEY WILL INVESTIGATE COMPUTER CRIMES FOR THIS PERSON-BUT REFUSE TO LOOK AT WHAT I NEED THEM TO SEE???  SO MUCH FOR EQUAL TREATMENT CONCERNING CRIMES IN GRAND COUNTY, COLORADO-IT’S THE LAND OF THE SNEAK-HOME OF THE THIEIF AND A WHOLE BUNCH OF SHORT , LAZY, DISINTERESTED AND/OR FAT COPS-MOST OF WHOM I COULD BITCH SLAP AND NOT EVEN THINK TWICE ABOUT IT…  AND IF YOU THINK FOR ONE MINUTE THAT I AM GOING TO JUST LET THIS GO BECAUSE POLICE REFUSE TO INVESTIGATE THE CRIMES- YOU ARE DEAD ASS WRONG.   I DID NOT START THESE CRIMES-BUT I AM GOING TO STOP THEM-IF ONLY FOR THE SAFETY OF A COMMUNITY THAT HAS TURNED IT’S BACK ON ME.   OH, AND SHOP AT JILLS THRIFT SHOP IN GRANBY,COLORADO -YOU JUST ,MIGHT GET TO MEET ME IN PERSON THERE !!!  TIL THEN ENJOY THE BRIGHT PINK  SIGNS IN MY CAR STATING POLICE CLAIM TO BE TOO DUMB TO INVESTIGATE COMPUTER CRIMES!     I MADE GOOD AND SURE TO PAT THE WINDOWS OF MY CAR AS THE TWO AMBULANCES DROVE BY ME THE OTHER DAY…PEOPLE LITERALLY STOP WALKING AND READ THE SIGNS AS I GET TO WATCH THIER REACTIONS-TOLD YOU I WAS A BIT SADISTIC.        KARIN WRAPE 1/25/15