I HAVE NEVER REALLY HAD TO DEAL WITH DEATH YET, AND DID NOT KNOW THAT SOMEONE YOU MET ONE SINGLE TIME COULD HAVE SUCH A PROFOUND EFFECT. I was waiting to take pics of the procession, as I did not feel it appropriate to attend the service with the signs in my car windows that pretty much call local cops idiots, and at the appointed time they were supposed to be starting the procession, the dogs in the area began barking and howling though there was basically radio silence on my analog scanners- due to experiments I am still conducting, I am not using digital scanners or transceivers at this time. I expected more, I’m not sure what- but more. what struck me was even though I have heard several 10-200 calls for coroner, I never thought about the location of the empty bodies. I realized she was right up the street from my trailer and that prompted much thought as to where her soul was now that her body was vacant. my father and I both believe very strongly about living on after the body dies and recently my dad’s wife had died but he was unable to tell me because of the issues with my phones-the point being this- the day his wife died- I had gotten another load of trash and clothes and stuff from my friend’s thrift shop that day as I go through it to get out any personal info from bills, hospital letters etc. so she does not have identity theft issues from mail that has been thrown away- just one of the services I do to protect my friends- anyhoo, in that particular load of stuff I had to go through, there was a bag of quilting cloth, just a small ziplock bag I came across type of which I usually throw out without going through-but for some reason I opened it and pulled out an interesting chunk of material, black background with red letters on it and it took a minute or two to figure out what I was seeing and then it hit me- it was one single word written over and over-OLIVIA. I kept it for some reason-normally would have thrown it away. some days later I called my daddy to say hi and he told me that Olivia had died the same day I found that cloth. daddy had been trying to reach me but the phone hacking I am enduring blocks calls from my peeps or emails or anything- it is like I am sitting in this room isolated from everything but victimization. I sent my daddy part of that cloth and it took him and aunt Martha a few to see what was on that little patch of cloth, and when they did see it -blew them away as we realized that his wife wanted to meet his eldest daughter before continuing her journey after life here. she wanted me to know she had stopped by and me finding that patch of cloth was her way of letting me know she had stopped by. I have Deputy Riggs’ card in my wallet from when she pulled me over the night before she died and I will carry it most likely as long as I have that wallet. on my scanners that next day after I got home from helping my friend at her shop and washing my neighbor up, I heard them play back grand 18 signing off 10-42 at beginning and ending of every shift and I cried like a little baby and called the police station to thank them for playing that sign off. they kept apologizing- I guess they did not understand how much I appreciated hearing her sign off- most every day I hear various 10-42 sign offs by every unit and I usually say out loud “night asshole” or something of that nature but my meeting Deputy Riggs has changed that, I now realize that every single time one of you officers sign off duty- those might be the last words heard by those that know them, and my comments on officers signing off no longer are night asshole or other negative things I used to say. while I do not believe police really give a damn about me or give a damn if I am victimized by anyone, there is one thing I need to say concerning this- I went to the Granby town hall to complain about the grand county sheriff department telling me if I kept calling them and trying to report the telephones in my home being hung up-THEY WOULD BE GIVING ME SOME KIND OF HARASSMENT CHARGE and Sgt. Kraker spoke with me and mentioned he had asked her how interaction with me went, and if I recall correctly, he said she said I was a sweetheart. I often wonder what goes on over scanner when I am out and about as I am sure there are multiple calls about me driving and singing -most of what is heard over these scanners is people calling in about some jerk tailgating or passing illegally -that kind of stuff, so I am interested in what is said about me over the scanners. I use my security cameras inside trailer to record while I am gone, but never really heard much that might pertain to me and lately when trying to record while gone -I am getting this awful reverb whine recording so loud that I cannot hear a thing- kinda proves there is a listening device in trailer I have not found YET… I have asked to hear the recording of my traffic stop, but have not gotten it yet, I am sure there has to be some kind of permission granted to provide me the playback of my traffic stop and i will talk to police about it again on Monday. I probably will not be surprised at what is said as I know my past, protection orders will be mentioned and other crimes done to me that have not been resolved yet, but I would like to hear the WAY I am discussed with an officer who has not met me before. especially with me sporting the fluorescent pink signs in my car’ windows…I realize everyone in grand county Colorado is ignoring me purposely- this is not an issue ANY police officer cares to help me with for whatever reasons, I have finally figured out how to use a sort of public camouflage, by making people look away from my invasion issues with my public displays… interesting concept for someone who has never been able to blend in with the crowd. I would love to hear what she discussed with dispatch about the signs in my car, and maybe I will get to hear it-we will see. it would be a good thing actually, as certain police check politely to gauge my mental state when they see me in town, to see if I am pissed or happy or just plain old bear watching, and I appreciate and understand that, but if I understood the way officers perceive me, I might be able to trim some of the negative stuff down- I need to know what to change, shall I say, to become a more creditable citizen, the longer I am clean and sober, the more I try to fit into a society that does not understand me and you all really need to know that for the most part, I try to be mostly harmless, helpful and present a pleasant attitude for all- but if I do not know what alarms you about me-I cannot change it. back to our discussion of death- yesterday I woke up at the exact time of Deputy Riggs’ accident- I lit a candle in a certain jug and when that candle goes out, it means that the visitations with the lord or another soul are over-today the candle went out at just after 8 am, so you can think me crazy if you want, but I feel she was here with me in spirit as I am concerned about being attacked while asleep because of pc invasion evidence I have and that she watched over me in my sleep last night, I feel particularly well rested this morning and feel that is due to one single candle that burned the whole night, though it should have burned out after about 4 hours, and that it burned that long because there was positive energy keeping that candle going. I baked a cake in her honor and shared it with my neighbor and former section 8 worker, Linda Blackwell-we still have some serious issues and I refuse to talk to her-especially when she has been drinking-but I am not a hateful person by nature, I am deeply religious because of what I have witnessed personally in way I hope few ever experience-you cannot know true joy until you have felt utter desolation- I have been there 8 times on that precipice, and 8 times I have been saved from going over it, and in manners that could have only been the result of Devine intervention. I am a Passivist at God’s request. I will always try to present the best attitude I can when amongst you sheep, and help if I can, but I am kinda sadistic and love to tease… my own death will be coming and I want all of you to know that I will be visiting quite a few before I move to the next form that will contain my life force- I want my body donated to science, and if there is a service of any kind for me- I want it to be a celebration, I want all of you to discuss the good things you saw and laugh, laugh about how I cope with problems, laugh about my fine ass dancing through city market, laugh at all the strange things I used to say and do to elicit bug eyed stares and make folks blush, laugh about the teabag I used to carry and tap on people’s foreheads and say “you have just been teabagged by Karin Wrape”… just laugh. that is all I have ever wanted to make people do, make them smile. death is a transition, it is NOT an end, life is electricity, and you cannot destroy it, only transform it to another type of energy. I have been thinking of how I would let my peeps know I have visited them after my death, I think I will show them rainbows, cause that is what I see everywhere, in the clouds, in the oil on a rainsoaked road, I see every color EXCEPT grey for some reason, just lucky I guess! so you folks look for the rainbows if you think I might want to say ‘BYE’ to you after I die. in closing- the passing of a person I only met for minutes has changes several ways I think and act and I for one will never forget that we do not have souls- WE ARE SOULS-WE HAVE A BODY. a tribute to a fallen member of our community- may your first day in Heaven be better that all the days you were on earth.