I USUALLY DON’T CHECK IP CONFIG ON COMMAND PROMPT WINDOW AS I CAN SEE THE HACKING A BUNCH OF OTHER WAYS- BUT PC WAS ACTING WORSE THAN USUAL SO IO TYPED IN THIS-  ipconfig /allcompartments /all – and up comes several ISATAP Microsoft adapters and a whole bunch of IPv6 stuff, ISATAP adapters and pseudo tunneling adapters-there were about 23 connections from what I could see but on this occasion I found something I have never seen before- again- connection specific DNS suffix was listed as ‘sgt.automation.net’  this is not present now but I caught something that is definitely NOT my century link…I hacve tried to look it up on this pc but the results are very limited.   the ‘SGT’ stands for ‘Security Group Tag’  apparently I am in a group sitting alone in this trailer… CISCO stuff comes up and it goes right into cts_enforcement,  inline tagging and remote access.  RA users authenticated VIA RADIUS by ISE-SGT tags are assigned as part of authorization-this is about all I can find today- yesterday results were different and dealt with VOD ( video on demand-I am assuming ) and when I looked it up on youtube.com and watched a few short videos, what I got out of it  was my pc  being used as some kind of jump off point for access -PLC-programmable logic controller type stuff, very technical but exactly what I thought– literally remote automaton… security cameras, whole home automation, basically all the crap Michael’s audio and video brag they do on their website.   I assume it is with owner’s permission usually- not caught after checking to see why pc is acting so creepy.  my phone hang up problems start 6-21-13 is what phone company as told me -I am trying to get full complaint logs from century link but am unable to do this as most phone calls with this content get hung up while talking with tech -tech can hear clicks on phone before it gets hung up.  imagine living every day with this- phones hung up but not by you or person on other end of call pones ringing 2 times short rings –  then being hung up all ours of the night-typing being messed with to extreme -email being not sent, I always send copy of mails to myself to see f it gets sent.  I give up trying to type as my hackers are removing letters again, next is desktop resizing.  I told you i would catch a crumb and I did —on my camera.