THE LONGER I AM CLEAN AND SOBER, THE MORE I AM REALIZING-IT AIN’T ME THE ONE THAT IS CRAZY ROUND HERE…yep, it was a 3 cop day today at the granby library for me as I ran into a gal named linda ivey there- this broad called me not once-but two different times to ask me for a ride when her jeep had broken down, which I did go help her out during which time she whined about linda Blackwell and how she couldn’t get on section 8 up here-and naturally, I told her of my dealings as of late with my former section 8 worker, linda Blackwell-which to say the very least were in my thoughts were criminal actions- apparently section 8 thought so too after I disclosed some information about my  neighbor and her hiding bank accounts of this client and a nasty case neglect/self neglect of that person then threats…

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