EVER BEEN IN A SITUATION YOU THOUGHT WAS BAD FOR YOU THAT REALLY ENDED UP BEING BENEFICIAL???  IF IT IS A JOKE~THEY CALL IT A PARAPROSDOKIAN…A FIGURE OF SPEECH THAT THE LATTER PART OF A PHRASE OR SENTENCE ENDS IN A SURPRISING OR UNEXPECTED MANNER THAT CAUSES THE READER OR LISTENER TO REFRAME OR REINTERPRET THE FIRST PART OF THE SENTENCE…MY LATEST EXPERIENCE WITH LACK OF MENTAL HEALTH SUPPORT OR BEING TAKEN SERIOUSLY BY POLICE ABOUT CRIMES DONE TO ME THROUGH THE U.S. MAIL AND THE LINES SUPPLYING MY HOME PHONE AND INTERNET, THE VARIOUS TORTURES MY HACKERS PUT ME THROUGH, DESTRUCTION OF YET ANOTHER OXYGEN CONCENTRATOR AND THE SECOND REMOVAL AGAINST MY WILL IN THE SPACE OF A WEEK FOR A MENTAL HEALTH HOLD~ THIS ONE CLAIMING I AM SUICIDAL, OF ALL THINGS…HAHAHAHAHA   ANYONE WHO KNOWS ME KNOWS I AM ANYTHING BUT SUICIDAL AND HAVE MADE A SOLEMN PROMISE TO A DEAR FRIEND TO NEVER EVER ATTEMPT TO END MY LIFE.   the things i have done to make sure i am as healthy as possible are a long list indeed and include the cessation of OVEREATING and consuming the wrong kinds of food, losing about 100 pounds in the space of a year, quitting all illegal drugs; heroin, meth-both shooting it into my veins and smoking it, cooking dope, hanging with the crowd it attracts, stopping drinking and even quitting smoking cigarettes without pills, palatives or support groups or being forced to stop by police or the court system.  I AM JUST ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE THAT MAKE THEIR MIND UP TO DO SOMETHING~ AND DO IT!   I quit smoking for a dear friend after she told me i stank of cigarettes when hugging her-the same one i promised i would never attempt to take my life again after i ate a bunch of pills when thinking i could not live being victimized day after day from a vindictive audio and video store owner i caught cutting into my direct tv satellite dish and hacking my pc’s…minutes after doing that stupid overdose i realized that if ended my life-he would have beat me-to death.  i immediately puked up the pills and began drinking as much water and juice as i could,but E.M.S. showed up and forcefully removed me from my bed and dragged me in for an eval even though i had asked for syrup of ipecac  in a joking manner-they did not appreciate my strange sense of humor and dragged me out of my bed and took me to the E.R. anyways- i not only almost made the stupidest mistake of my life by giving up fighting for my rights, but i scared the hell out of my dearest friend.   anyhoo  when after yet another day of many tortures by those hacking me and being unable to contact mental health for help or anyone else, for that matter~ i called police to look at the electrical issues that effected most every electrical outlet in this new apartment -a situation i have suffered through at least 4 times in previous addresses since catching the pc invasions in june of 2013.   this time i had given Sgt.Saige Bertolas an enormous amount of evidence pertaining to the continuing pc and phone service disruption, which is happening yet again in this new place- i TOLD her i would be tortured for it, but did not realize how bad it would be-heat issues out the a$$~80 degrees in my nunit at all times at an altitude of 10,200 feet, auditory tortures that ceased the second police appeared at my door and horrible smells that ended up being a rotten potato i finally chased the scent to in my garbage disposal and then the COLD torture in my car-the heater and defroster magically quit working on a day of a baby blizzard when i went to white nigger county,colorado to file charges against my former manager for claiming to do the cleaning i had done- that was the very last thing i could take and i made the 200+ mile round trip to file small claims case against her.   after the frosty trip home i was once again  dealing with my phone being hung up while using it, the camera i was taking pics of my pc with forcefully ejecting the batteries-as has happened with my last 4 cameras and of course the heat torture.  i did not know why police took me in for a mental health hold instead of inspecting the electrical outlets in my apt. that were killing my O2 machine as i had asked them and the local fire marshal to do.  i was beat down by two men in the room i slept in-NOT BEAT UP-BEAT DOWN-BRUISED BADLY AND I CAN ONLY IMAGINE THE LOOK OF FEAR ON MY FACE WHEN I REALIZED WHAT WAS ABOUT TO GO DOWN-HAD I KNOWN THEN I WOULD HAVE BENEFITTED FROM THE TRIP TO MENTAL HEALTH IN COLORADO SPRINGS INSTEAD OF BEING HARMED-I WOULD HAVE BEEN PACKED FOR MY JOURNEY BEFORE POLICE SHOWED UP!!~!    AS I WAS BEING TRANSPORTED TO THE LOCAL HOSPITAL-I GLARED AT THE PISSIANT LITTLE COP WHO HAD BRUISED ME FROM HEAD TO FOOT AND CHALLENGED HIM TO LOOK AT HIS HANDIWORK, THE LARGE PURPLE BRUISES AND DARED HIM TO LOOK ME IN THE EYE-HE COULD NOT LOOK ME IN THE EYE, AND THE BODY LANGUAGE HE DISPLAYED WHEN I TOLD HIM TO LOOK ME IN THE EYE WAS THAT OF CONTEMPT.    I HAD DISSED THE GUY AS YET ANOTHER IRRITANT ON OUR FIRST MEETING AND IF THERE IS ONE THING A MALE COP CANNOT STAND-IT IS BEING DISSED BY A WOMAN…the whole incident ended with me getting an all expenses trip to colorado springs and some much needed rest from the constant tortures of my hackers, a week being the prettiest gal in the co-ed hickory hall-a whole room full of the sexiest crazy men you can imagine and a scenic ride back in a NICE vehicle that showed me the amazing mountains on my return trip home with a very nice young lady who worked where i was resting up at hickory hall.  it was an all you can eat kind of place, that was beneficial to me after all.  i learned several techniques for managing my anger that i have already used since my return and i will be damned if i was not thanked by several people who were there with me, saying i had changed their life!    since my return, i have been told by quite a few people that i look amazing and even younger, as no one here in Leadville,Colorado had seen the brilliance of the smile i had before catching the hacking in 2013-i used to take thousands of pictures of the mountains and alpenglow-after the hacking-i only took pics of the creepy crap i was finding on my pc’s.  i was trying to protect a community that had turned a blind eye to my suffering, i was trying to prove the hacking and keep anyone else from enduring the same tortures and crimes i was-i was outnumbered and even followed to my new place by Michael Shurer’s minions and thought it was my duty to stop this awful situation and expose that the crimes being done to me were being done to 26 to 29 other CLIENTS of michael’s audio and video in Grand County, Colorado.  i have since realized that my ANGER had changed me from the beautiful person i was before discovering the hacking to a rude, hateful individual that was afraid to go to sleep, in fear of being attacked by those who would try and erase the evidence i have that prove the crimes being done to me to be true.    last night i erased ONE pc of all the audio and picture evidence of the various tortures being done to me. step one in regaining my smile… and today when i went out into public i exposed the most amazing thing i own-MY SMILE!!~!, out in a frilly dress covered in cherries listening to beautiful music and singing like an angel, happy, for the first time inYEARS- and it is all because of the vindictive actions of one miserable cop with a LISP,hahahahaha-he will be horrified when he next sees me with this sh*t eating grin- he did his very best to harm me and it did not work, it will eat him alive seeing my smile, and i only can hope he understands i NO LONGER FEAR THE MENTAL HEALTH  HOLD…  IT IS A HARD WON LESSON I WILL NEVER FORGET.  NO ONE WILL EVER TAKE MY SMILE FROM ME AGAIN.  YOU CAN BEAT ME-BUT YOU CAN NOT BEAT ME TO DEATH.    I HAVE GONE THROUGH THE VALLEY OF THE SHADOW OF DEATH AND EMERGED FROM THE OTHER SIDE A WELL RESTED AND MUCH WISER INDIVIDUAL…I CAN ONLY HOPE HE READS ONE OF MY PAST WRITTEN ARTICLES HERE ON WORDPRESS.COM-IN PARTICULAR THE ONE TITLED-TODAY I HUGGED A COP AND THERE WAS NOT A DAMN THING HE COULD DO ABOUT IT-AND LEARNS TO RESPECT PEOPLE A LITTLE MORE- MY FATHER TAUGHT ME TO LEAD BY EXAMPLE-AND I WANT MY EXAMPLE TO SHINE FOR ALL TO BENEFIT FROM-AND BEING THE SADIST I AM- THIS SMILE IS THE BEST WAY I CAN THINK OF TO TORTURE HIM!!!!   IF HE NEEDS SOME ADVICE ON HOW TO MANAGE HIS ANGER AND HATE OF ME, I AM MORE THAN WILLING TO COUNSEL HIM ON A FEW OF THE TECHNIQUES I HAVE LEARNED-ALL THE WHILE SMILING AWAY LIKE A CHESHIRE CAT, AND WHO KNOWS -MAYBE ONE DAY I WILL GIVE HIM ONE OF THOSE BEAR HUGS I USED TO BE FAMOUS FOR, AND THANK HIM FOR THE WELL NEEDED VACATION!!~! I NO LONGER FEAR THIS COP-EVEN AFTER THE BEAT DOWN, BUT YOU CAN BET HE FEARS ME AS I HAVE BEAT YET ANOTHER HORRIBLE ADDICTION-FEAR. THERAPUTIC WRITING BY KARIN WRAPE 11-14-15