just learning how to navigate this so i will be short n sweet- i am a person being forced to learn about the legal system the hard way, by being victimized by both  Grand County Colorado’s  justice system and a mentally disabled man that has learned how to avoid jail by effectively changing focus from his criminal activities to health issues by becoming extremely aggressive  when confronted by police.  i used to view myself as an anarchist, but am being forced to become an activist, for the safety of not only myself, but the rest of our community, as well.  Being a disabled person myself, i have mental obstacles i am learning to overcome in my pursuit of justice, and physical disabilities i have to deal with every day due to the assault i suffered last year from a male neighbor with a seizure problem, which is getting worse, since medical marijuana was legalized, because he spends every penny he gets at the dispensary, and does not buy his seizure medication or food, so he is now also a drain on local food banks, as well as a drain on emergency medical services,as he has to be transported on a regular basis by ambulance, to hospital for observation due to his becoming violent when police question him about his negative behaviors.  the mental stress of dealing with something everyone would rather ignore has been rough, but there the increasing pain issues and lack of concern for my safety by police that are even worse.   i am generally known to be an extremely happy and helpful person but even i have limits as to what i will put up with, and when those limits are reached- i tend to get real wound up over the issues causing my stress.  i am a little mental, but by no means an idiot- and though it may take me a little longer to get where i need to be, i do get there due to my passion and pitt bull like tenacity.  people with mental issues tend to be singleminded when faced with difficult situations, and if nothing else, i tend to stick with a problem until it is resolved to my satisfaction.  i can either be your best friend or your worst nightmare as i am a sadist and love to torture those that vex me.  i am the squeaky wheel and will not be ignored, just the way i am.  i am one of the strongest minded people you will ever meet, and once my mind is made up to do something, i do not let pain or weather or public opinion or police change the path i have set for myself.  so you can walk beside me on my search for justice and peace of mind – or you can get left in the wake of my passage, don’t really care which.  so consider yourself warned about what i am capable of.  I AM NOT INSANE- I AM MOTIVATED…BIG DIFFERENCE ! ! !